Resurrect silver medalists in your ATS with Hiretual Talent Fusion

Rediscover and AI-search past candidates that best fit your open roles.

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Hiretual connects with 30+ ATS providers

Hiretual connects with 30+ ATS providers
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Reengage candidates who already know your brand

With one click, find candidates whom you’ve already reached out to in the past.

Dedup, refresh, and enrich your data across systems

Intelligently merge or keep duplicates as separate. Sync holistic and AI-refreshed candidate profiles between your ATS and Hiretual.

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Resurface candidates

Resurface candidates from current and past jobs in your ATS

Use filters like ATS Job and ATS Stage to find your warmest leads.

Collaborate easily

Everyone in your team can quickly access candidates’ status and engagement history in Hiretual and your ATS. All activities, notes, and tags are synced between the two platforms.

Collaborate - Hiretual and your ATS

Expand your talent pool with ATS/CRM Rediscovery from Hiretual

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