Find your Rainmakers. Fast.

Use Hiretual’s talent recruiting software to find, engage, and hire the best Sales and Marketing talent to accelerate your revenue growth.

Find your rainmakers. Fast

AI Recruitment Software for Sales & Marketing

Screen 200,000 profiles in seconds

Hiretual’s Natural Language Processing engine screens profiles at super-human speed, surfacing best-fit matches with experience in your industry and the special skills the role demands.

Hire for potential and experience

Find and nurture high potential candidates ready for their next career step up.

10X your team’s efficiency

With Hiretual, your team can quickly fill multiple job reqs with best-fit candidates, reducing time to hire by 23%.

Build diverse Sales and Marketing teams

It’s proven that diversity is positively correlated with financial performance. Hiretual is built from the ground up to avoid unconscious bias. Trained to focus entirely on merit, Hiretual’s Artificial Intelligence is agnostic to gender, race, ethnicity, and other human prejudices. Hiretual’s powerful diversity filter helps you quickly find, engage, and deliver qualified candidates from underrepresented groups such as women, African Americans, and veterans. Blind Hiring Mode masks names and pictures to allow you to evaluate candidates objectively.

Why Choose Hiretual for recruiting Sales and Marketing talent?

Best Fits Come First

Avoid losing out on qualified candidates sitting at the bottom of your search results. Hiretual’s AI Sourcing surfaces a list of only best-fit candidates.

Contextually Relevant Searches

Spend less time entering and searching for targeted keywords. Hiretual’s contextual search gives you smart suggestions that take into account different job titles or terminologies used by candidates.

Bridging Different Platforms

Expand your pipeline by uncovering talent from the open web and your internal systems. Hiretual’s AI sourcing pulls professional profiles from job boards, niche websites, and even your own ATS/CRM.

Rigorous information security and compliance

Hiretual has strict policies in place to ensure information security. Hiretual is GDPR compliant, SOC 2 Type I and II certified, and EU-US Privacy Shield certified.

Hire the best people to take you from idea to revenue.

Copyright © Hiretual 2020. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Hiretual 2020. All Rights Reserved