Find and attract people passionate about your cause

Nonprofit hiring presents a unique set of challenges. You have limited resources to find people with the experience as well as the passion for your cause. Hiretual can help you find, attract, and hire the right people 10x faster.

Trusted by top nonprofits

Find and engage best-fit candidates in one place

With the largest talent pool in the world — 700M+ profiles aggregated from 37+ platforms — and a powerful AI engine, find qualified candidates across all skill sets. Get a holistic view of their profiles to identify if their experience dovetails with your mission. Integrate with your email provider to send, receive, and track email nurture campaigns within Hiretual to influence candidates to join your organization.

Cut down sourcing time by 80% with AI-powered screening

Hiretual screens thousands of profiles across the open web, your internal systems, and job applications in seconds to surface the candidates that best fit your search criteria. This frees up tons of time for you to focus on engaging with candidates to convince them to join your nonprofit’s cause.

Get deep market insights on your talent pool

Carry out pre-sourcing talent mapping with Hiretual’s extensive insights on your available talent pool.

Achieve up to 6X ROI

Budget constraints are inevitable in nonprofit operations. Hiretual integrates with your email provider and internal systems and enables in-app team collaboration so you can get more out of less with an optimized tool stack.

Improve diversity numbers

Hiretual’s powerful diversity filter helps you quickly find qualified candidates from underrepresented groups such as women, African Americans, and veterans. Blind Hiring Mode masks names and profile pictures to allow you to evaluate candidates objectively.

Learn how Hiretual can help you defeat roadblocks in your nonprofit recruiting.


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