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What would your best friend do for you?

At Hiretual, we are every recruiter’s best friend. And we have numbers to back that up — Hiretual helps recruiters and sourcers achieve 42% more hires and reduce time to hire by 23% by making it a breeze to find, engage, and deliver best-fit candidates.

In-house Recruiter

AI Platform for In House Recruite

Find more, higher-quality candidates

Hiretual’s AI-matching sourcing software delivers only relevant candidates tailored to your search criteria. Advanced search filters and powerful Machine Learning algorithms learn your preferences and ensure laser-focused search results. Hiretual expands your talent pool with 750M+ profiles and consolidates candidates from all channels in one place, allowing you to pipeline enough qualified candidates to achieve your hiring goals.

Deliver candidates interested in the job

Hiretual integrates with your email provider to enable you to send and receive emails in Hiretual, without having to jump between apps. Seamless ATS/CRM integrations with leading vendors allow you to sync interested candidates with one click.

10X your efficiency

Quickly fill multiple job reqs with best-fit candidates, reducing time to hire by 23%.

Get up to speed in days

You’re already crunched for time and we get it. That’s why we designed Hiretual with a recruiter-friendly interface that blends into your existing workflow and takes as little as a week to get up to speed on.

Achieve diversity and inclusion goals

Hiretual’s technology is built to avoid unconscious bias. The algorithms are agnostic to race, ethnicity, gender, and veteran status. Coupled with diversity search and Blind Hiring Mode, you are equipped with all the tools you need to achieve your diversity hiring goals.

More than 200,000 recruiters use Hiretual every day to find and convert top talent. Get in touch with us to learn how Hiretual can help you.

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