Rocket science is hard. Hiring rocket scientists doesn’t have to be.

Aerospace and Defense is one of the toughest industries to recruit for. Whether you’re looking for cleared candidates or a very specific set of skills, your talent pool is tiny and ultra-competitive. With Hiretual’s AI Sourcing across 45+ platforms and an advanced security clearance filter, you can find and hire the best candidates for your open roles 10x faster.

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AI Recruiting Solution for Aerospace & Defense

Sourcing powered by the best Artificial Intelligence engine in the recruiting industry

You know solid technology when you see it. Hiretual’s aerospace and defense recruiting AI helps you quickly and easily identify candidates with an active security clearance through a sophisticated clearance filter.

Unparalleled market intelligence

Start smart by using Hiretual market insights for pre-sourcing and talent mapping. Find out how many cleared candidates there are in a market by using our advanced security clearance filter.

Improve diversity numbers in your workforce

Hiretual is built from the ground up to avoid unconscious bias. Trained to focus entirely on merit, Hiretual’s Artificial Intelligence is agnostic to gender, race, ethnicity, and other human prejudices. With a powerful diversity filter and Blind Hiring Mode, Hiretual helps you quickly find, engage, and deliver qualified candidates from underrepresented groups such as women, African Americans, and veterans.

Engage with candidates on their preferred channels

Get deep talent pool insights to inform and personalize your outreach and contact candidates through their personal email using our pre-built, proven templates to boost response rates.

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Copyright © Hiretual 2020. All Rights Reserved