Find and hire top technology talent at the pace of digital transformation

Tech recruiters participate in cutthroat competition for top talent. With large companies and rising startups fishing in the same pond for qualified candidates, Hiretual helps you target a fresh pool of technical talent and identify the best-fit tech candidates 10x faster.

top technology talent

Trusted by top technology recruiters

Trusted by top technology recruiters

AI Recruiting Solution for Technology Industry

The First Ever IT/Tech AI Sourcing Solution

Hiretual discovers talent beyond LinkedIn so that you can go to where sought after tech candidates are most active. The IT/Tech AI Sourcing Solution aggregates candidate data from tech-specific platforms like GitHub, Stack Overflow, Kaggle and more.

Target Your Sourcing With Industry-Specific Filters

Hiretual’s IT/Tech Sourcing Solution helps you fine-tune your search with filters that include 50+ Technical Expertise, 250+ Programming Languages, and varying involvement levels with community Coding Activities. 

Attract passive tech candidates to your open roles

According to a survey by Stack Overflow, only 16% of developers are looking for a job but an overwhelming 75% are interested in hearing about new job opportunities. Get deep talent pool insights to inform and personalize your outreach and contact candidates through their personal email using our pre-built, proven templates to boost response rates.

Skyrocket productivity with your own Intelligent Tech Talent Platform

Stay competitive by cutting down on the time spent in your initial hiring steps. Hiretual makes recruitment 10x faster by consolidating sourcing channels into a single talent pool that you can view and manage.

Improve diversity numbers in your tech teams

Hiretual is built from the ground up to avoid unconscious bias. Trained to focus entirely on merit, Hiretual’s Artificial Intelligence is agnostic to gender, race, ethnicity, and other human prejudices. With a powerful diversity filter and Blind Hiring Mode, Hiretual helps you quickly find, engage, and deliver qualified candidates from underrepresented groups such as women, African Americans, and veterans.

The world’s best technical recruiters and sourcers trust Hiretual to help them achieve their hiring goals.

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