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Your professional services firm sells knowledge and expertise. People are your biggest asset. Hiretual’s AI recruiting solution helps you find, attract and hire the brightest candidates whose experience and skills match the high expectations at your firm.

 Recruiting for Professional Services

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AI Recruiting Solution for Professional Services

Find and engage the best candidates before your competition

Hiretual gives you access to the largest talent pool in the world — 750M+ profiles aggregated from 45+ platforms on the open web — and an industry-leading contact finding rate to help you find and engage best-fit candidates.

10X your hiring efficiency

Time is money. Stay competitive by cutting down on the time spent in your initial hiring steps. Hiretual makes recruitment 10x faster by consolidating sourcing channels into a single talent pool that you can view and manage.

Narrow down on degrees, job titles, and certifications

Professional services require highly skilled, highly educated employees. Hiretual’s AI-powered contextual search goes beyond traditional Boolean and database searches to match candidates with the right skills and experience to your open roles.

Improve diversity numbers in your workforce

Hiretual is built from the ground up to avoid unconscious bias. Trained to focus entirely on merit, Hiretual’s Artificial Intelligence is agnostic to gender, race, ethnicity, and other human prejudices. Hiretual’s powerful diversity filter helps you quickly find, engage, and deliver qualified candidates from underrepresented groups such as women, African Americans, and veterans. Blind Hiring Mode masks names and pictures to allow you to evaluate candidates objectively.

Learn why Hiretual is the best platform to help you acquire top talent in the demanding professional services industry.

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