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May 2021

Customizable Market Insights Reports

and AI Sourcing Updates

Now, you can customize the content and organization of your Market Insights reports and copy past candidate searches into new and existing AI Sourcing projects.

April 2021

Hiretual Team Collaboration Updates

Now, you can send emails and view replies on behalf of team members with our updated Email Delegation feature and gain a comprehensive breakdown of team project activities.

March 2021

New AI Sourcing Workflow

Now, you can view your search history, save searches for future use, refine searches in real time, generate talent pool insights, and view all available candidates faster with AI Sourcing.

February 2021

Mentions in Notes and Added Hiretual Admin Functions

Now, you can mention other users in the notes section of a candidate's profile, and Admins can directly change project ownership.

January 2021

Scholar Sourcing, Gmail Assistant, and Chrome Extension Updates

Now, you can easily source for candidates with published work, optimize candidate engagement inside Gmail, and find similar candidates with Hiretual's Chrome extension.

December 2020

Project Collaboration, Diversity Analytics Report, and Updated Diversity Filters

Now, you can assign roles to different team members within a project, gain unparalleled diversity insights for your talent pool, and employ our updated diversity filters.

November 2020

Backgound selection, Google Search Enhancement and Candidate Engagement

Now you can select candidates' school and company, read information on Hiretual Chrome Extension while performing search on Google and email sharing with team members.

October 2020

Candidate Files Hub Feature, Boolean Support and more

You can still use Boolean String in Hiretual. We also add more filters in candidates engagement this month.

September 2020

Diversity Filter, Boolean Support, Twitter Support and more

Hiretual Chrome Extension works on Twitter now. We also update on boolean search, diversity filters and work authorization filter.

July 2020

Candidate Engagement, ATS Filter and Hiretual Project Filter

Our focus on candidate engagement and collaboration this month. Re-engagement alert and candidates status review.

May 2020

Hiretual Talent Fusion

Combine candidates from different channels, dedupe candidate profiles and rediscover candidates.

October 2019

Resume Parsing

We developed a high accuracy Resume Parsing tools in Hiretual.

September 2019

Email delegation- Sending On Behalf Of (SOBO)

You can now send emails on behalf of your team members.

June 2019

ATS/CRM Rediscovery

We launched ATS/CRM Rediscovery to help you consolidate candidates from different channels in one place.

May 2019

New Email Templates and Email Engagement

We’ve added ten new templates for you. You can also edit the sequence and reschedule the email now.

March 2019

Talent Pipeline Tool

Import past applicant profiles from your ATS and refreshed with our data fusion technology.

February 2019

AI Recommended Talent in Your Inbox

Get recommended talent from our AI engine to your inbox twice a week.

November 2018

Sync and Export Candidates

We redesign the candidates syncing and exporting function from Hiretual to ATS/CRM systems.

October 2018

Email Through Chrome Extension and Adding Signature in Email

You can now send emails via Hiretual Chrome Extension and add an email signature.

September 2018

Engage Rebuilt Feature

Create email templates for candidate engagement. Send email with sequence.

August 2018

GDPR Compliance in Hiretual

Staying within the rules of GDPR and hiring talent from EU.

July 2018

Security Clearance, User Management and Facebook Search

Find cleared candidates with our advanced filter. Find candidates with Facebook Search.

July 2018

Diversity Filter and Market Insights

To implement diversity workforce practice, Blind sourcing mode and diversity filter are added.


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