Industry: Software

Location: Boston, MA

Number of employees: 235

50% less time sourcing, 30% reduced cost per hire, 3X more qualified candidates

About SessionM

SessionM is a customer engagement platform that helps the world’s most innovative brands build and strengthen customer relationships. The platform is designed to make customers more loyal and businesses more profitable.


“We are a company that’s hiring very quickly and across multiple functions and locations. We run our Talent Acquisition team really lean, so we were looking at a way to source faster and source better candidates. It was a matter of bandwidth and not having enough recruiters. Not enough hours in the day to review a bazillion LinkedIn profiles. We started to look at AI sourcing and came across Hiretual,” said Matthias Leitzmann, Director of Talent Acquisition at SessionM.

Why SessionM Chose Hiretual

“Just a few years ago, I spent hours everyday just perusing LinkedIn trying to look for candidates that I have an interest in and that part has just gotten a lot faster now, thanks to Hiretual. I feel like whatever algorithm you’re using, it’s catching us better talent,” says Matthias.

Hiretual also helps SessionM’s Talent Acquisition team fine-tune their search for best-fit candidates.

“The feature I like the most is the thumbs-up and thumbs-down feature during that initial search. I’ll give these two profiles thumbs ups, and then I’ll see 50 more people like them. It’s just a huge time-saver,” exclaims Matthias.

In addition to the extraordinary speed at which Matthias is now able to find qualified candidates, his team also takes advantage of Hiretual’s ability to source candidates based on specific, AI-suggested skills rather than titles:

“The advantage of Hiretual is that it allows you to source by specific skills and keywords rather than random titles because [the titles] don’t always mean the same things at different companies. The AI will also help you expand upon your search terms, which I find really useful,” says Xiaoxiao Meng, Talent Engagement Specialist at SessionM.

Plans for Using Hiretual in the Future

“Hiretual is an integral part of our recruiting workflow. I’m a big fan, and I see it as a vital component of our system strategy going forward,” says Matthias.

About Hiretual

Hiretual is every recruiter’s best friend because we empower our customers to be at the top of their game. To fulfill that promise, Hiretual uses AI technologies to help recruiters and sourcers build a robust pipeline of quality talent to enable them to achieve their hiring objectives.

Find and engage top talent 10X faster with Hiretual.

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