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About Premier Search Inc.

Premier Search Inc. is a professional staffing company founded by Mike Albanese, current President and Executive Recruiter. Premier Search works with a high volume of clients to source and hire the best outside sales representatives.

Source From a FRESH Pool of Candidates

Many recruiters often struggle to find a fresh pool of candidates.

“I felt like I was hitting a wall with LinkedIn Recruiter and its algorithms. I would put in five different search options, and the same hundred and seventy candidates kept coming up in each city. Whereas, Hiretual is a wide open market. It goes out to the web and sources everything and anybody under your search criteria,” explains Mike.

Friendly User Interface

Hiretual understands that recruiters are always on a crunch for time, so to make the recruiting process easier, Hiretual’s platform has been made simple and easy-to-use.

“The graphical interface of Hiretual is much simpler than LinkedIn Pro’s. I got to the point where I wasn’t even creating projects on LinkedIn. It is very simple to create a project and start a sourcing task in Hiretual. Hiretual is just more user-friendly than everything else I’ve looked at,” says Mike.

The LinkedIn Alternative

Recruiters no longer have to feel like LinkedIn is the only solution. In fact, not all candidates live on LinkedIn, and Hiretual can find you more talent.

Mike explains, “I was just fishing around thinking there’s got to be better tools than just LinkedIn, and that’s how I stumbled upon Hiretual. So I told a couple of my recruiting buddies, ‘Hey, you should check this out!’” 

Find and engage top talent 10X faster with Hiretual.

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