Industry: Healthcare Staffing

Location: San Jose, CA

Number of employees: 3

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About DADJ Inc.

DADJ Inc. provides professional staffing services to the healthcare industry. Through a personalized approach, DADJ strives to understand different businesses and provide them with top talent to meet their hiring needs. Leveraging AI and machine learning, DADJ helps hospitals source and hire talent for highly specialized roles like MD’s, RN’s, NP’s, or PA’s.


Deepak Jha, Founder and CEO of DADJ, struggled in finding a tool that would encompass all stages of the hiring workflow.

Deepak remarked in exasperation:

“Before using Hiretual, I used tools like LinkedIn and some other databases, but none of them had the ability to automate my entire workflow. I would have to use different tools. One tool to identity candidates I’m interested in. Another tool to get their email, phone number, or some form of contact details. And then yet another tool for some kind of marketing campaign management that will automate the outreach to them. And these tools do not talk to each other.”

Aside from having to juggle multiple tools, Deepak had trouble finding a fresh pool of candidates. Without Hiretual, all recruiters of the healthcare industry were sourcing from the same old talent pool.

“If I want to speak to a cardiologist in Florida, then there are some tools that will capture those candidates. Everybody is going after the same pool of candidates. Hiretual is different because it takes more precise, [ideal candidate] information from me in terms of the number of years of experience or the zip code, and it’s able to give me a fresh and expanded pool of candidates which may not be available in other tools. Hiretual gives me a fresh population to go after, many of whom are not tired of receiving cold calls or emails,” explains Deepak.

Why DADJ Inc. Chose Hiretual

Aside from being an easily-adoptable platform that digitizes the entire hiring workflow for Deepak and his team, Hiretual helps Deepak to quickly find niche candidates for his clients.

“I worked with a client in Minnesota. They were looking for an Addiction Treatment Specialist. I was able to leverage Hiretual to not only look for talent in that region but also in the broader United States for those interested in that position. They struggled to find candidates over the last 6 months, and it took me less than 6 days to identify that talent,” Deepak explains in awe.

With Hiretual, Deepak can source candidates with speed and delegate more time to nurture relationships with candidates.

“Hiretual is faster, better, and cheaper. What normally takes me a total of 3 days to hunt for potential candidates now takes me a total of 3 minutes,” said Deepak.


Plans For Using Hiretual in the Future

Deepak plans to leverage Hiretual to send out automated email nurture campaigns and better cultivate relationships with his candidates.

“I want to build ongoing relationships with my candidates by sharing market or medical information with them. Something that will make them look forward to my emails,” said Deepak.

Deepak hopes to take greater advantage of the Market Insights feature in Hiretual as he begins working with bigger clients.

Deepak explains, “I help companies or hospitals hire doctors and nurses. I anticipate that this feature will become more useful as I work with bigger companies. Bigger companies have a need for more market intelligence before they buy something.”

About Hiretual

Hiretual is every recruiter’s best friend because we empower our customers to be at the top of their game. To fulfill that promise, Hiretual uses AI technologies to help recruiters and sourcers build a robust pipeline of quality talent to enable them to achieve their hiring objectives.

Find and engage top talent 10X faster with Hiretual.

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