Hiretual Partnership Program

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Hiretual Partner Summit

Marketing Collaboration

  • Brand Exposure from large social-media presence and Hiretual’s Customers and year-round events
  • Thousands of event attendees featuring Fortune 500 Enterprises, MM, and SMBs

Product Integration

  • Seamless Integration into existing systems for Fusion, Rediscovery, and Better Engagement
  • Streamlined workflow with flexible integration into the best ATS & CRM on the market
  • 50% More Qualified Candidates
  • 24% More Response Rate
Hiretual Partner Summit
Hiretual Partner Summit

Sales Enablement

  • Access to a large pool of highly qualified leads
  • Robust sales empowerment followed by foreseeable revenue growth
  • 20% More Sales Conversion
  • 30% Faster to Close Deals

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