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Okta Integration

Hiretual is a member of the Okta integration network. Conveniently sign in to Hiretual and other applications on any device with a single click.

Okta with Hiretual


At Hiretual, we understand that our customers often utilize a number of web and mobile applications to go about their day-to-day work life. By becoming a part of the Okta network, we hope to help you streamline your workflow and save valuable time.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Along with over 6,000 other organizations, Hiretual integrates with Okta to provide our customers an easy, secure way to access Hiretual and other applications. Rather than opening separate tabs for different applications and type in usernames and passwords, Hiretual’s integration with Okta allows customers to sign in to all of their applications in one spot.

Easily Modify Employee Access

Okta offers a customizable layout for the different applications used by its users. This way, users will be able to easily give certain employees access to Hiretual or terminate access for others.

About Hiretual

Hiretual is every recruiter’s best friend because we empower our customers to be at the top of their game. To fulfill that promise, Hiretual uses AI technologies to help recruiters and sourcers build a robust pipeline of quality talent to enable them to achieve their hiring objectives.

Go Beyond InMails to Reach Your Most Desired Talents

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