Hiretual helps recruiters and sourcers find, engage
and deliver top talent 10x faster.

Hiretual’s AI Engine powers the largest talent pool in the recruiting industry

Hiretual’s Artificial Intelligence engine is a network of knowledge that stores data on relationships, meaning, people, and places.

More than a database, it’s a self-learning and self- expanding network that bridges together millions of nodes through trillions of data connections.

And the results are incredible.

With a holistic view of each candidate’s professional profile, your entire pipeline is focused on driving successful recruitment.

Product Features

AI Sourcing
Resume & JD Parsing
Candidate Personas
Candidate Profiles &
Contact Info
Diversity and Inclusion
Job Posting
Email Integration
Nurture Campaigns
Template library
Email tracking
ATS/CRM integrations
Private Talent Pool
Spreadsheet Import
Market Intelligence
Project & Performance Management

Sourcing powered by Artificial Intelligence

• Enter search criteria using a comprehensive list of filters. • View talent pool insights adjust as you tweak the search criteria.
• Hiretual’s talent pool, aggregated from across 37+ platforms on the open web, is the largest in the recruiting industry with 700M+ profiles.
• Hiretual prioritizes the best matches based on 100+ factors to ensure your top results are the best.
• Turn on Blind Hiring Mode for bias-free sourcing.

Resume and JD Parsing

• Paste a candidate’s resume or the job description of an open role.
• Hiretual instantly extracts keywords and adds them to the candidate persona.

Candidate Persona

• AI engine builds ideal candidate persona based on the criteria you’ve entered.
• The persona is fluid and gets adjusted based on the feedback you provide for candidate profiles.
• Hiretual quickly builds candidate personas that your hiring manager will love.

Provide feedback to fine-tune search results

• Before kicking off an AI Sourcing task, Hiretual presents a sample set of five candidates to obtain your feedback.
• Click “Good Fit” or “Not a Fit” to teach your preferences to the Machine Learning algorithms.
• Once Hiretual delivers search results, you can keep providing “Good Fit/Not a Fit” feedback to improve the quality of candidates.
• Your feedback helps Hiretual surface only best-fit candidates based on your search criteria.

Candidate Profile and Contact Info

• Hiretual aggregates information from the open web for every candidate to give you a 360-degree view of their profile.
• Get insights on availability, average market value, and level of expertise in core skills.
• Hiretual has an 85% contact finding rate with 94% accuracy – the best in the industry.
• Quickly uncover contact information and reach out to qualified candidates.