Resurrect your silver medalists

Hiretual helps you rediscover past applicants in your ATS or CRM and surface the ones that best fit your open roles.

What is Rediscovery?

ATS/CRM Rediscovery is the process of matching past applicants to current open roles.

Rediscovery for the following ATS/CRM Providers plus many more

How it works



Easily integrate your ATS or CRM with Hiretual, then import stale past applicant profiles through file upload or direct API.



Hiretual uses proprietary data fusion technology to refresh and enrich past applicant profiles with data from across the entire open web.



Refreshed profiles are added to your talent pool in Hiretual. AI Sourcing instantly surfaces best-fit past applicants for your open roles.

Get Sourcing Channel Insights Under Each Project

Get a summary of your sourcing tasks in one view, broken down by task, channel, and automated recommendations.

Choose Where To Source Candidates From

Why choose Hiretual Rediscovery?

• Warmest Leads: Candidates in your ATS have expressed interest in your company in the past and will be easier to engage.

• No Manual Screening: According to a survey by Jobvite, 65% of resumes collected in an ATS are never screened. Hiretual’s AI Sourcing can screen thousands of profiles in seconds and surface best-match candidates.

• Competitive Job Market: Unemployment stands at 3.6% and most qualified candidates are passive. In a tight labor market, one of the best ways to expand your talent pool is by tapping into your ATS/CRM.

• GDPR Compliance: Past applicants provided explicit consent to be contacted by your company.

Expand your talent pool with ATS/CRM Rediscovery from Hiretual


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