Upgrade your ATS with a multi-channel data powerhouse

Connect your ATS with Hiretual to access Hiretual Open Web data - a conglomerate of 750M+ profiles from 45+ platforms (i.e. GitHub, LinkedIn, Kaggle, Stack Overflow, Twitter). CONTACT SALES
Hiretual - multi-channel data powerhouse

Hiretual connects with 30+ ATS providers

Hiretual connects with 30+ ATS providers

Save time with one seamless workflow

With one click, sync top candidates from Hiretual to your ATS. Easily customize which data fields (i.e. Contact information, education, work experience) are pushed to your ATS.

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manage duplicates

Manage duplicates and clean your data

Manage duplicate candidate profiles by intelligently merging or separating them. With Hiretual Open Web, sync holistic and up-to-date candidate profiles to your ATS.

Sync candidate activities to your ATS

Work with an updated ATS when all activities, notes, tags, and resumes are pushed from Hiretual as you export the candidates.

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We integrate with top ATS and CRM systems and are always adding new partners to our family of integrations.

Get in touch with us to learn why Hiretual is the only solution you need on top of your ATS/CRM to complete your recruiting tech stack.

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