Strategize your hiring with Hiretual Market Insights

Hiretual intelligently analyzes data from 750M+ profiles, 100M job descriptions, and 50M companies to give you actionable market trends.

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Kick off intake meetings with the right expectations

Make informed decisions with an eagle-eye view of where candidates work, where they’ve worked before, their years of experience, their skill sets, average market values, and more.

“I work with my hiring managers to provide Hiretual Insights, so we can dive deep into the role and say, ‘Based on what you want, here is what’s out there in the market. Is it really a purple unicorn, or is this person real?”

-Claire Berkley, Senior Technical Recruiter at Poshmark

Share and collaborate with hiring managers

Hiretual Market Insights can be easily exported as PDF files to help your hiring team get on the same page.

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Make better hiring decisions with Hiretual’s extensive, actionable talent market insights.

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