Diversity and Inclusion isn’t just a trend.
Drive intentional change with powerful diversity hiring

Hiretual searches in the right places for candidates from underrepresented groups to build diverse and inclusive pipelines for your organization.

Hiretual's AI

A Real Search, In The Correct Places

Hiretual’s AI casts a wider net for meaningful diversity searches by accurately analyzing data points from candidate profiles including memberships with diversity organizations, schools and more.

Fill Existing Diversity Gaps with Targeted Searches

Cut downtime spent looking for candidates from underrepresented groups with Hiretual’s powerful AI filters to specify searches for women, veterans, African-Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans.

Diversity search
No room for unconscious bias

No Room For Unconscious Bias

Build an equal screening process with Blind Sourcing Mode by hiding names and images from profiles. Further, remove bias by sourcing from talent pools consisting of all underrepresented groups using Blind Diversity Sourcing.

Succeed with Data-Driven Decisions

Create actionable hiring strategies by leveraging Market Insights. Hiretual gathers data in compliance with EEOC laws to help recruiters better understand top job titles, companies, skillsets and more, of candidates from underrepresented groups.

Succeed with Data-Driven decisions

Actionable Insights For Stakeholders

Using Hiretual’s Diversity Analytics and Insights, TA professionals have a comprehensive view of the total available market segment of talent from diverse backgrounds. Create reports and dashboards to showcase a clearer picture of possible outcomes that can be accomplished by your team in minutes.

Steven Jiang, CEO, Hiretual

“We have a diverse and multinational team with employees from 7 different countries – and that number is definitely going to rise! In this world we live in, it’s important to us that we create workspaces with equal and abundant opportunities for underrepresented talents to shine and lead while ensuring that their work is recognized.

With technology like ours in the market, we believe no organization has an excuse not to hire talent from minority and/or underrepresented groups under the assumption that they are hard to find. These talents are everywhere!”

-Steven Jiang, CEO, Hiretual

“The filters for women and other underrepresented minorities have been great because oftentimes some of the pipelines that you build can be very skewed toward one area or another, but we’re able to unskew that and supplement a very balanced pipeline.”

-Claire Berkley, Technical Recruiting Manager at Poshmark

ebook - Building the business case: 4 ways to use diversity & Inclusion technology

Organizations need support, tools, and resources to carry out Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. Read our guide to helping hiring teams drive change with the right technology.

See why top recruiters use Hiretual to fill their pipelines with diverse and underrepresented candidates.

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