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You no longer have to miss out on great candidates, expand your talent pool from anywhere!

Hiretual’s chrome extension is a powerful tool that can be used while you visit candidate profiles on LinkedIn, GitHub, Kaggle, Stack Overflow, Google Scholar, and Twitter. The extension analyzes the profile in seconds to give you insights and allows you to easily add candidates into your Hiretual projects.


Your personal companion that goes where you browse.

Get Contact Information With One Click

With the industry-leading 90% contact finding rate, our AI engine helps recruiters uncover personal and work contact information including social media links, education, expertise and skills, relevance percentage scores, performance insights, availability and average market value.


Reach out to Candidates Right From the Extension

Send single and sequence emails to candidates directly from the extension. As a Hiretual user, you’ll also be able to utilize more advanced engagement features (sequence email templates, email delegation, insights, etc.) once you add the candidates into your account.


Easily Generate Advanced Boolean Strings

With Hiretual AI, you’ll never have to create a boolean string. In case you need one, we’ll even build it for you through the toolbox features that are also available on the extension. Hiretual’s Boolean Builder comes in 3 Modes: Quick Mode, Smart Mode, or JD Mode, in which a boolean string can be built from a parsed JD or resume.


Ready to hire the best talent?


Copyright © Hiretual 2020. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Hiretual 2020. All Rights Reserved