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Council’s mission is to help educate and grow members of the recruiting community to enable them to be at the top of their game with our recruiting resources. 


Council Authors

Hiretual Council is a community of talent acquisition professionals and thought leaders who are passionate about knowledge and intelligence driven talent acquisition solutions and products in a world that is increasingly augmented and automated.


Webinar Speakers

Webinar speakers are hand picked by our community leader and topics are tailored to our community’s most urgent needs, burning questions, and professional curiosity. The webinar series is made possible by recruiting community partnership and our mutual quest for knowledge.


Tribe Members

Hiretual Tribe is defined by its people, the strength of their convictions, the bonds of theirs relationships, and the wisdom in their leadership. Our mission is to foster the undying passion to improving the recruiting community. Every great cause has great people who are champions and pioneers of the cause and we are honored to have some of them as part of our Tribe.

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Copyright © Hiretual 2020. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Hiretual 2020. All Rights Reserved