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Navigate the Current Workforce with AI Recruitment Technology

Hiretual AI Webinar is back due to popular demand! Learn how Michael Doran, a top recruiting professional with
contracts at Fortune 500 companies, uses Hiretual to dramatically improve sourcing speed.


Navigate the Current Workforce with AI Recruitment Technology

Current employment market favors job-seekers, and this makes finding skilled talent quickly a high priority for businesses. Learn how to tweak
practices and forego many of the traditional recruiting methods in this webinar by Rose Owens.


Business Impact of AI on Recruiting

Join Simon and Josiah as they unravel the mysteries of AI and ML and how these fields are proving to be so meaningful for recruiters.


Sourcing for Modern Recruiters

The Sourcing Alchemist Denys uncovers new ways of sourcing and
discovering candidates to stay up to date with the current information age!


Talent Acquisition Strategy in a Tight Labor Market

Mike and John will introduce the talent acquisition strategy to educate recruiters
to find the best talent for their organization in today’s tight labor market.

Modern Sourcing Methods to find Unique Candidates

Dean Da Costa, the “Search Authority”, will show recruiters new places to source and explore tools and technology emphasizing on how they can help you find better candidates.

Making a Difference with a Recruiting Roadmap

Join Michael as he explains how to build a strong relationship between recruiters and hiring managers to create an efficient process with clearly defined responsibilities.

Hiretual AI Sourcing & Recommendations

Hiretual Tribe Members who love our platform show recruiters how to source candidates 10x faster with Hiretual’s AI-driven Product.

Sourcing Without Limits on Facebook

Sourcing on Facebook sounds interesting since not many recruiters employ such a strategy. Discover how Hiretual helps a recruiting professional like Todd Davis to source on Facebook for the best talent possible.

How to Craft a Winning Message

Writing a message is easy but writing a message which attracts people to respond is not an easy task. Steve Levy introduces some techniques in crafting the perfect message to receive a high response rate and get the greatest talent for your company.

Modern Sourcer’s Daily Dozen

Glenn Gutmacher describes how he uses Hiretual to build candidate pipelines quickly and effectively. He shares strategies and his own personal tips to the recruiting industry in hope to improve every recruiter’s sourcing time.

Transformation of Recruiting into a Strategic Function

Having a stable, consistent and long term strategy for recruiting is essential. Both professionals, Jason Roberts, and Andrew Gadomski transformed theory into reality in recruitment. Watch them introduce ideas on how to empower people to trust automation to get better results.

Next step for AI and ML in Recruitment

Using tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning will soon become a norm in the recruiting industry. It might happen sooner than expected as this approach will bring a much-needed convenience to recruiters for talent acquisition. Understand what will make AI important for talent acquisition.

Understanding Candidates and Their Journeys

It is easier to source candidates when you know more about them. Everyone has different backgrounds and certain experiences can make a candidate an ideal hire for a particular role. Learn how understanding a candidate’s past journeys can be crucial in finding the greatest player for your team!

Leading Sourcing Teams

Leading a talent acquisition team could get difficult at times. Learn how two recruiting managers lead their sourcing teams at Amazon and ThoughtWorks to find the best talent. Their strategies and pieces of advice can provide a lot of knowledge for recruiters.

A New Look at Introversion

Not everyone can be a sourcer or recruiter. However, an introvert can actually bring a lot to the table when it comes to recruiting. Learn what an introverted sourcer could bring to the table from Glen Cathey, a highly experienced recruiter with a Bachelors in Psychology.

How To Ask For Tools You Love

Having the correct weapons for a battle is essential. Same goes for recruiting since if you have the right tools to aim for your goal, then the results will be as you expected them to be. Watch how recruiting professionals teach us how to ask for the best tools for your next recruiting process.

Recruiting with a Small Team and Lean Budget

Money could prove to be the biggest problem for most companies. There are specific ways to help minimize this problem and still get the right candidates for your pipeline. Learn some hacks on how to move ahead with a small team and recruit the best people with the least amount of money as possible.

Fireside Chat with Google

Engineers are everywhere, but how do we source all these engineers to bring them to join the company? Come join recruiting professionals from Google and get to know their ways of finding the best-fit employees for Google!

Healthcare Recruiting with AI Sourcing

Medical professionals are in high demand, and fighting for the best medical professionals can be very tiring and exhausting. It becomes easier to find them by sourcing with AI, which can increase the chances of finding the best-fit professionals for the medical industry.

Mindset of Successful Staffing Owners

There are many ways in which a recruiter can improve recruiting, first off, their mindset. If they have the correct mindset, efficient actions will follow. Understand how sourcing and AI can be put to good use with this mindset!

The Emergence of AI Sourcing

AI Sourcing is approaching our community quick and fast. It is time for a change that we, as recruiters, should make to enhance our strategy in sourcing for the best talent.

Retention is the New Recruiting

Loyalty can go a long way in how employees contribute to the success of an organization and with AI Sourcing on the rise, what is the right balance between retention and recruiting? Join Recruiting Specialist Jim Stroud to know!

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