At Hiretual, we believe that being proactive and continuously eager to learn from our community of recruiters is the best way to deliver the best value. Hiretual was part of the 2019 OSWAHCR Education Day, where a crowd of professionals from the recruitment and healthcare space shared their experiences, best practices, and views.

Healthcare is a growing industry that will generate 2.3 million jobs within the next few years in the United States. Skills and specializations are paramount to offer care to an old and growing population. Since there are more jobs than people out there that can meet these desired requirements, training and certifications,  all organizations are competing to reach the best talent. Furthermore, there are other factors such as diversity and inclusion that need to be covered.

Finding, engaging and providing a great candidate experience is a very rigorous job that recruiters need to face. They are dealing with talent that is highly demanded.

How can we uncover the challenges of today’s recruitment practices in the healthcare space?

Diversity and Inclusion

Attract and retain candidates from different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. The more diversified the talent is, the better the service provided and the progress in terms of innovation and development. In addition to fulfilling the need to represent different communities in the workforce, this effort needs to be coupled with a will for collaboration and inclusion.

Leverage Technology

It’s necessary in order to maximize recruiter’s productivity. The internet has tons of information available related to industries, companies, job requirements, candidate experience, and candidate personas. These days, it’s no longer efficient to rely mainly on referrals and job applications, especially when there is a restricted pool of talent with the most specialized and desired skills.

Be Data-Driven

Build reports to implement actionable items and recruiting strategies. Enable communication channels that provide visibility toward desired goals. Set realistic expectations in terms of what is doable from a market, recruitment and budget perspective. Transparency is key in order to establish a culture and ecosystem that supports team accountability, that is set up for success to achieve deliverables and that retains the right people.

Create Leaders

Investing in people is the path to success and it guarantees the profitability and sustainability of  organizations. We need people that can solve problems, that can pivot, and learn quickly to adapt to the needs of the population. 

It was a privilege to be part of this day, thank you for the inspiration and for the opportunity!
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