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Chicken, lumber, and ketchup. 

Across the country, we’re facing a shortage of these items. And behind this shortage is a hidden lesson about the state of hiring in 2021. 

To reach our stores and homes, these products go through a supply chain. This chain encompasses everything from raw material collection to manufacturing to distribution. 

The chain relies on seamless communication between different functions, each with complex and unique responsibilities to master – this means lots of data, tools, and most importantly, people working together. 

A hiring team works in the same way. There’s a long list of to-do’s for each stage of the cycle with different team members, technology platforms and metrics to keep an eye on day-to-day. If any of these parts falter, productivity is disrupted and the bottom line crumbles. 

In 2015, Hiretual’s AI Sourcing technology was introduced to transform top-of-the-funnel recruitment. Things have changed a lot since then. 

Today, top-of-the-funnel recruitment is more than just sourcing new talent. Instead, it’s the practice of finding new opportunities for building talent relationships. These relationships could be with new talent, existing talent, or past talent once engaged with back in the day. 

Talent shortages and employer competition is the new reality of the job market that companies will have to adapt to. This is the new hiring reality our Talent Data Cloud was built to serve. 

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Like recruitment, supply chains rely on leadership to ensure that each step of the process runs smoothly. In their day-to-day tasks, supply chain managers need the latest information to make sure goals and deadlines are met, including: 

📋 accurate reports on raw material inventory to inform their future purchasing schedule

💰 updated budgets and intel on competitor purchases to know the fairest price to pay for supplies

💻 reports to keep the team informed of performance and tasks to be completed

To craft a recruiting game plan that speaks to individuals your company is looking to hire, talent leaders and teams need similarly comprehensive talent data. Most importantly, it needs to be readily available, accessible, and accurate. 

In this graph, we break down how Talent Data Cloud provides both external and internal data visibility for holistic talent assessment. 

How Hiretual Talent Data Cloud works

What should you be looking for in a Talent Data Platform?

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When product shortages began, a look at the supply chains responsible for those products showed that it needed more workers to meet demand. By spotting this issue, those companies know where workforce gaps exist and can begin to fill them. 

Your organization must easily spot shortcomings in your process and see how it impacts hiring progress. In this graph, it’s clear how this information can be spotted in Talent Data Cloud’s dashboard.  

Progress assessment-Talent Data Cloud

How far will your tech take you?

Supply chains depend on a variety of technology: delivery trucks, manufacturing equipment, budgeting software, and others. 

Each of these serves a purpose and fits within a clear-cut process so the supply chain can be as productive as possible. 

Recruitment today is no different in terms of modern technology adoption spanning AI sourcing, ATS/CRMs, engagement, calendar scheduling, video interviewing, social media marketing, and so on.  

If your tech stack doesn’t work together, workflows start to halt, the data you uncovered becomes compartmentalized, and it becomes impossible to identify talent and make hires.

To prevent any process disruptions from happening, Hiretual’s Talent Data Cloud helps our users bridge different goals within their technology stack through a single loop of data. This means that one powerful integration becomes the catalyst for external talent sourcing, enriching ATS data, internal talent rediscovery, talent market intelligence, email campaigns and more.

How Talent Data Cloud work with your tech stack

Not only is data front-and-center, but it becomes operational by intuitively flowing across your entire recruitment process. No wasted steps and no inaccessibility. 

Finding the supply to meet your talent demands

“We’re looking for roles that a lot of other people are looking for. If you think of people as supply and demand, there’s not a lot of supply to meet the demand… That’s where Hiretual makes a difference” – Product Manager at Digital Consulting Company

In today’s market, the demand for talent is reaching new heights every day. Hiretual’s Talent Data Cloud helps companies meet their talent “supply” needs in two ways. The first is arming them with the internal and external talent data they need to creatively find and engage talent. The second is providing a central system where their existing technology, people, and processes can work together to fill open and future roles with best-fit talent. 

The result is users who have overcome talent shortages and employer competition on the road to long-term hiring goals. 

Uncover how we helped one customer implement our Talent Data Cloud to refresh and elevate existing hiring data by bridging siloed technology systems with automated workflows.

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