Hey Hiretual Fans,

We’ve got 5 updates for you this week! Here’s the roundup:

Security Clearance Search

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We’ve added a new filter that will help you to find candidates who are likely to have a security clearance. It’s located at the very bottom of “Advanced Filters.” Click the checkbox and a list of clearance options will appear, keep the ones that you’d like to include in your search.

User Management

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Admins can now change the associated email address for any seat on their account and add new team members (if they have seats remaining). Individual Hiretual Standard users can now change their own email addresses.  To get started with this, head over to Settings –> Team Members and click on the user you want to update.

Facebook Search Lives Again

Updates from Facebook earlier this year impacted our ability to launch searches on their platform. After a lot of hard work from our team, Facebook search is back in working order. This feature is especially useful for hard to find people in blue collar jobs or the medical field.

Break the Limit on Custom Inputs

We’ve removed the 20 input limit on AI search filters for locations, “current company,” schools, majors, and every other place you can paste a list. Put in as many as 10,000 options at once (but if you go this high it may slow your search a bit).

Better Project Search

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If you’ve got more projects than you have screen space, a search bar will pop up to help you find the one you’re looking for.  Generally, this will only happen to Hiretual Enterprise or Hiretual Standard users that have a lot of existing projects to sort through. Additionally, you’re now able to add a candidate to multiple projects at once. 

That’s it for our updates this week. Stay tuned for more from the Hiretual Team.

Happy Sourcing!

Hiretual Team 

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