Hiretual has established itself as the leading sourcing solution.

Now, we’re enhancing our Engagement function to:

  • Help our customers be successful in delivering interested candidates to hiring managers.
  • Ensure a seamless flow of candidates through the hiring funnel.

New email templates

We’ve added ten new templates to our template library to help you quickly set up effective drip campaigns. 

We’ve chosen these templates based on best practices as they have a high chance of boosting response rates from candidates.

Each template is completely customizable so your emails won’t come across as canned.

Edit scheduled email campaigns

With this new release, you will have the ability to edit campaigns you’ve already set up.

You can remove a candidate from the sequence, edit email content, and reschedule an email. Just click Edit in the drop-down list. 

You can also select a primary email address for a candidate who has multiple email addresses and view candidate ownership information for Greenhouse Harvest, Lever, and PCRecruiter.

Do let us know your thoughts on these new updates!

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