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We hear the term ‘data-driven’ often. But what does it really mean to power your business strategies with data? Are companies doing this enough? Well, not really. According to a study by NewVantage Partners, 72% of large corporations say they are yet to forge a data culture. Interpreting and organizing data is no easy feat. Especially in a digital era where the amount of data produced continues to increase every single day. (Fun fact: We started off 2020 with 40 times more bytes in the digital universe than stars in our physical universe! If you’re revisiting your recruitment data, here’s how you can improve your recruiter and hiring manager relationship ) At Hiretual, we know how powerful data is to recruiters. Our AI search engine helps recruiting teams aggregate and sort candidate data coming in from all over the open web. It’s because of this that we understand data’s golden rule. It’s about the quality, not the quantity.

What is Hiretual Talent Data Cloud?

Candidates pour into your database from multiple sources and channels. Recruiters find talent from recruitment technology platforms like Hiretual, social media, job boards, or physical and even virtual career fairs. 

When you load your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) up with heaps of candidate information and resume files, things can get a little messy. Navigating a system clogged with years worth of outdated candidate information isn’t ideal. Neither is it fun to tiptoe around dirty candidate lists filled with duplicates. 

Hiretual Talent Data Cloud untangles those knots by giving you data fluidity across external and internal candidate sources. With our AI technology, you can now dedupe candidate profiles, enrich stale past resumes, rediscover existing qualified candidates in your database, and expand your talent pool. 

We want you to power your ATS to its full potential – as a goldmine full of qualified warm candidates who are no stranger to you and your brand. 

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How Does Hiretual Talent Data Cloud Work?

You might be thinking “What do you mean data fluidity? How will that really make a difference?” 

A smooth-sailing flow of information in and out of your systems makes your data both accurate and readily available to everyone on your team. Hiretual Talent Data Cloud is deep two-way integration that helps you work seamlessly across your recruitment tech stack in these ways: 

Build A Customizable Flow of Data Between Platforms 

To cultivate an organized data ecosystem, your workflow needs to be simple enough for your team to pick up and get going. Recruiters already have enough to do – memorizing multiple tool management processes will only confuse everyone. A data workflow that connects both tools seamlessly will prevent information from being stored in the wrong places. 

Hiretual allows you to customize connection points between our platform and your existing ATS. Formatting discrepancies during your ATS imports is a simple but fast-growing problem.

With our two-way integrations, you can prevent that by deciding which candidate information points to push and pull between Hiretual and your ATS. You can also sync notes, tags, and emails between the two platforms to increase visibility and drive collaboration further. 

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: We invited our customers from Better.Com, Grab and Wish to show you their ATS integrations with Greenhouse, Workday, and Lever! Watch the recordings from #HIRETUALITY: Hiretual Talent Data Cloud here. 

Find and Merge Duplicate Candidate Profiles  

With lots of data comes lots of dirty work. If you’re manually looking for duplicate profiles in your ATS, you’re practically sorting through a physical filing cabinet. Recruiters don’t have time for this, but that doesn’t mean they should jeopardize hiring efficiency by letting duplicates clog the system either. 

When syncing Hiretual with your ATS, our AI technology helps you screen all candidate profiles in both systems to find duplicates. You’ll easily see which profile has the latest updated information and even have the option to pick and choose fields with information that you want on the final updated profile. 

Refresh and Enrich Existing Outdated Profiles 

Your candidate database should always be filled with valuable resources for your current talent strategies. Many databases are filled with years on years of past candidates that have been through your recruiting funnel. Instead of leaving cobwebs on this “useless” information, how about opening the door to even more qualified candidates?

Hiretual’s AI technology searches the open web to update existing candidate profiles in your database. You can see their most recent work experiences, updated contact information, and additional skills that they have acquired since your last contact with them. Profiles of technical candidates will also be updated with insights and rankings gathered from technical platforms like GitHub, Kaggle, and Stack Overflow. 

Rediscover Past Candidates 

So what can you do with an ATS full of old but updated candidate profiles? Expand your talent pool, of course. 

Your ATS now acts as an additional source of talent, with the most suitable candidates for any of your open roles. Why? Because these candidates were once picked as qualified for your organization’s past open roles. Plus, they know all about your brand and they’ve established a relationship with the company. If your previously selected candidates have gone on to gain even more experience for a role since their last contact with your company, then you’re in for a pool of extremely relevant passive candidates to reach out to.

Claire Berkley, Senior Technical Recruiter at Poshmark, says that “usually you’re going to get a response rate” with rediscovered past applicants. Hear more on why she thinks rediscovering past candidates is beneficial for every recruiter.

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Why Is This Important?

Build Bigger But Specific Pipelines

Business strategies change as the job market does, but one thing remains constant. A company will always need people to keep it running. The drastic economic shifts we’re set to see in 2020 will force companies to hire a workforce that can produce what the market needs. However, the search for these talents will be more specific and companies will expect candidates of greater quality to navigate a difficult economy. 

In addition to conducting AI-powered candidate searches on Hiretual, Hiretual Talent Data Cloud opens up your ATS to give you an expanded talent pool of qualified candidates. 

Quicker Hiring Decisions 

As companies deal with limited budgets and resources for hiring this year, the search and selection of new hires must be conducted as quickly as possible. The increase in active candidates looking for employment will also affect the length of job application screening periods, especially in companies that have downsized their hiring teams. Candidate Engagement with past candidates in your ATS is one way to cut through the noise and engage with those who were closest to your ideal candidate persona and are already informed about the value of the company and the role. 

Better visibility and collaboration will also help you reach decisions on a candidate. Notes and tags synced between Hiretual and your ATS, in addition to Hiretual candidate profiles hiring insights will give you a comprehensive view of all your candidate data. Share this easily with your team and hiring managers to keep everyone on the same page. 


If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from 2020, it’s about being prepared to succeed even when business strategies have to undergo drastic changes. Your data workflow should always be as simple as possible for all recruiters to follow without being affected by the upsizing or downsizing of teams. A customizable candidate data system like Hiretual Talent Data Cloud will help you scale your hiring processes easily according to customer demand.

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