We’ve completely rebuilt the look and architecture of our Engage feature-set. We brought back automated follow-up sequences and added more data to give you a better idea of which emails are working and which are not.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how to use the new version of Engage.

Sending an email from a project

Now you’ll choose if you want to send a single email or a sequence before you start writing. Choose the option on the left to send a single email, then write to your candidate or insert an email template. You may have noticed that there was a small warning at the top of the email screen. In the new engage system, we will warn you if a candidate has been contacted in the last 90 days. Since I bug Steven all the time, he almost always triggers this warning. For truly uncontacted candidates, their emails will instantly populate. 

Sending a sequence from a project

This time choose the option on the right. Then add as many as 3 additional emails. You’ll have to identify how long to wait between emails to send each follow up. We will stop any follow-up sequence if the candidate replies to a prior email. 

Creating an email template

To build an email template, go to the engage tab and select email templates. Then click the blue “Create a Template” button. From there just name your template, enter your subject line, write your message, and click save. You can also turn any one-off email you’re writing to a candidate into a template by clicking the arrow button next to “send” and selecting “save as template.” 

Building a sequence from the Engage tab

To start a sequence from the engage tab, click “create an engagement” then choose the project and project stage of the people that you want to email. Typically this will be the “uncontacted” stage if you have not customized your hiring process. The candidates in that stage will auto-populate into the “Recipients” area. Any recipients that have already been emailed in the last 90 days will need to be selected from a dropdown menu accessed by clicking the arrow to the right side. Once you have the recipients selected, click “create new message” and then “Email Sequence. Build and time your sequence from there, then send.  

Cloning a sequence

If you built a sequence before that makes sense for another candidate, you can quickly clone it by clicking on the three-dot icon next to it and selecting “clone.” Add recipients like before and then hit “create new message.” The old messages and their relative timing will auto-populate, ready for your edits or to be sent immediately.

Viewing email and sequence data

Once an email or sequence is sent, you can view delivery, open, click, and reply data on a person-by-person and email-by-email basis. Just click on the “Engagement Name” to access this info, and filter to the email / information that you want to see.  It will be displayed for each candidate that received the message.

That’s it for our updates this week. Stay tuned for more from the Hiretual Team

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