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If you know Hiretual as an AI-powered candidate sourcing platform, we’re here to say….


Maybe that was the Hiretual you knew six years ago when we first started out, or perhaps the Hiretual you heard about two years ago as we expanded our industry-first sourcing solutions. 

Or maybe that’s what you heard your colleagues say a month ago, a week ago, or even yesterday. 

Well, we’ve launched our brand-new website to show you who Hiretual really is today. 

We’re more than an AI-powered platform to help recruiters find more candidates. We’re a platform that connects companies to committed, engaged, and excited individuals 

More importantly, we’re a platform that bridges global talent to new opportunities — opportunities they’ve always dreamed about, and opportunities they didn’t even know existed. 

Our new website tells a story about the many pieces of Hiretual our customers work with each day, and it’s more than just finding talent faster.

It’s about building real connections 🤝

It’s about working smarter with data and technology 🧑🏾‍💻

It’s about creating safe and inclusive spaces 🌎

It’s about lifting great talent teams up so they can exceed what they’ve done before 🏆

And remember, we’re not telling this story on our own. Explore hiretual.com for advice, success stories, and resources guided by real conversations with our customers, our friends in the talent community, and our team of in-house recruiters and industry experts. 

You may come to our website with a question about what we can do, but we want you to leave with an answer on who we are and how we help the world’s best Talent Acquisition teams go the extra mile. 

We’re Hiretual, a Next-Level Recruitment Software that transforms your hiring technology and connects companies with people to bring their mission to life. 

And we’re so excited to have you here with us. Enjoy the rest of our website!

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