Whether you’re actively filling a role, or looking to build out long-term pipelines, it’s easier now than ever before to make the most of online talent databases for current and future goals. 

There are many best practices to cast a wider net on social networks and search engines to keep your talent pool from drying out (which is almost impossible in this digital age). Here’s one of our favorites: Optimize your sourcing by making it portable and on-demand

Hiretual’s Chrome Extension is a tool that helps you do exactly that. 

What is Hiretual’s Chrome Extension? 

Hiretual’s chrome extension is a powerful tool to use when you visit candidate profiles on LinkedIn, GitHub, Kaggle, Stack Overflow, Google Scholar, and Twitter. With our industry-leading contact finder, engaging with candidates just got a whole lot easier. 

 The extension automatically analyzes candidate profiles in seconds to provide you with contact information, social media links, professional experiences, education, skills, and even additional insight like a candidate’s availability, average market value, and performance insights on technical platforms. 

 If you’re looking to quickly supplement your search with more boolean strings, our extension can also help. It comes with Boolean Builder in 3 modes to help you automatically generate strings – Quick Mode, Smart Mode, and JD mode (where we generate a Boolean string for you based on a job description!)

If you’ve found a candidate that you like, we’ve also added a Similar Candidates feature that provides you with up to three similar profiles based on matching skill sets, locations, companies, titles, and more. 

How do I use the extension? 

We would take you through the steps, but there really aren’t many for us to run through. We weren’t kidding when we said we made this as easy for you as possible. 

Step 1
Download the extension from the
Chrome Store

Step 2 
If you’re new to Hiretual, sign up by creating a new free Hiretual Basic account. If you’re an existing customer, log in to your Hiretual account and you’ll be able to use features based on the plan you’re on (more on this later on in this article!)

Step 3
When you’re on a candidate profile, click the little Hiretual icon next to your address bar at the top of your browser. In a few seconds, you’ll get your candidate’s information and it will look like this. 

find candidate profile on Linkedin

Step 4:
Use your contact credits to reveal contact information like email addresses and phone numbers. 

For a more detailed look into how all these work, watch a quick walkthrough of our free tool: 

Step 5: 

Don’t forget to use our Google Search Results Enhancement feature that comes with our chrome extension.

For a more detailed look into how it works, watch a quick walkthrough:

Step 6:

Optimize your candidate engagement with Gmail AssistantRecruiters can selectively track candidate outreach and set reminders to re-engage talent. They can also use sequences and templates created in Hiretual without leaving their Gmail account. 

Email Sequence to improve candidate engagement in Gmail Assistant

Why Doesn’t the Extension Work on Some Profiles? 

Some candidates do not upload enough information on their social media profiles for Hiretual to analyze. When this happens, users can access our Contact Search in the extension to continue their candidate research. 

 By inserting a candidate’s name with their job title, location and/or company, Hiretual will be able to search for their profile on the open web to help you gather more information. 

How Does the Extension Work with the Hiretual Plan I’m On? 

If you’re a Hiretual Basic user, your free plan comes with 3 contact credits that are automatically refreshed each day for you to uncover contact information from 3 profiles. You will also be given 2 boolean credits each day to generate strings with our Boolean Builder. 

Hiretual Standard users get 2400 contact credits and 3600 boolean credits per year with the annual subscription. It gets better. With Hiretual Premium, users will be able to add candidates to an existing or new Hiretual project and leave notes and tags directly from the extension! 

When you have a Hiretual Professional plan, your Chrome Extension is a perfect addition to your AI sourcing and engagement capabilities in Hiretual. When you’re on a profile, users will be able to send single emails to the candidate directly from the extension. How easy does that make things? 

For our Hiretual Enterprise users, you can enjoy an even more seamless workflow by syncing candidate profiles to an ATS project and stage directly from the extension. Our enterprise plan is built for teams, and so is the extension! You can select, edit and send sequence emails on behalf of your team members, and see notes and tags shared by everyone as well. 

For more information on all our Hiretual plans, read our Hiretual pricing

Now You’re All Set Up!

If there’s one thing we learned from our customers and friends in the recruiting community, it’s that sourcing never stops. So if you ever come across a quality profile, why let it slip through your fingers? With Hiretual’s Chrome Extension, you can keep sourcing on the go. 

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