Experience simple and actionable recruitment without breaking the bank. With the rollout of our new pricing plans, find a powerful solution that focuses on what you need. 

A productive recruitment experience isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Thousands of recruiters use Hiretual every single day in different ways, but they all have one thing in common: 

The need for an efficient and transparent recruitment process to better support open job requisitions. 

Our goal is to help every recruiter use our platform to solve problems specific to them. Their business, their talent pool, and their work style. We’re excited to announce new Hiretual pricing plans, each offering different sets of solutions that adapt to how you work. 

For the ones who want to try something new:

Hiretual Basic 😌

If you’re not sure if Hiretual is the right tool for you, take us for a test run! With our free Hiretual Chrome extension, recruiters can use our Contact Finder on LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Kaggle, Google Scholar, and now, Twitter. 

Even though the extension doesn’t include our AI Sourcing, it does come with a Boolean Builder in 3 Modes: Quick Mode, Smart Mode, or JD Mode. So don’t worry, you’ll still be able to dial in on searches while experiencing our 90% contact-finding rate. 

For the recruiting agency powerhouses:

Hiretual Standard 💃🏽


Solo recruiters have a lot on their plate. With limited access to recruitment tools, we know how overwhelmed our customers can get when building a plan for success on a tight budget. We’ve revamped our Hiretual Standard subscription to give solo recruiters and agencies what they need to increase efficiency, tackle digitization, and reach daily goals – contact-finding, boolean building, exports, and projects for only $99 a month. 

Still a little hesitant? We get it. How about a 7-day free trial to help you make a decision? 

For the multitaskers at small/medium businesses:

Hiretual Professional 📊


So, your team needs more than just contact-finding and Boolean. If your recruitment process is centered on candidate engagement for a larger volume of talent, Hiretual Professional helps you build, manage, and track better conversations. 

What makes this plan so different from the last two we covered? AI sourcing and email integrations with Gmail and Outlook, at a price point that’s essential (no pun intended) to keep budgets low and ROIs high. If you’re interested in getting the most of our AI technology for sourcing and engagement, take us for a spin and get a trial today.

For the heavy collaborators at enterprises:

Hiretual Enterprise 🤝


Finally, we have the Hiretual plan made for large teams who handle high-volume recruitment. If you and your hiring managers are still scrambling over tiny text in undigestible spreadsheets, it’s time to consider a change. Hiretual Enterprise is ideal for workflows that rely heavily on team collaboration and an ATS. With this plan, teams can experience centralized data management with our AI-powered integrations that work with over 30 ATS platforms. It’s never been easier to refresh, enrich, and deduplicate existing profiles for talent rediscovery. 

The best part about Hiretual Enterprise is that it makes recruitment customizable for you, so talk our sales team for a personalized look at how this plan could cover your biggest pain points. 

Your Questions….Answered!

We’ve been hearing lots of questions from both excited users and new teams that are interested in joining the Hiretual family. If you’re pressed for time but hungry for more info, here’s a 2-minute rundown of our most frequently asked questions. 

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