While most companies seek to implement effective diversity sourcing practices in their recruitment process, it can be difficult to succeed without the proper tools. Fortunately, Hiretual provides the necessary features to help your team effectively and efficiently fulfill its diversity and inclusion needs. 

Diversity Filters

To improve workforce diversity, a hiring team may look for candidates with a specific background. To make that process simple, Hiretual has created “Diversity Filters.” 

Now, recruiters can source candidates based on their gender, ethnicity, and military status. Additionally, our AI casts a wider net for more meaningful diversity searches, including candidate membership with diversity organizations, schools, and more. 

Market Insights

Hiretual wants hiring teams to have as much information at their disposal when making hiring decisions, which is why our services include Market Insights.

Following the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Laws, we collect data on different job positions, skills, and companies concerning underrepresented candidates. Ultimately, this feature allows hiring teams to track relevant statistics regarding applicants and other companies.

Diversity Analytics Report

With Diversity Analytics, users gain unparalleled visibility on underrepresented groups in their talent pipelines, and a comprehensive view of the total available market segment of talent from diverse backgrounds.

Users can view dashboards of data that include: the number of diverse candidates viewed, sourced, and engaged by team members, the number of candidates that move through each hiring stage, and more!

Blind Sourcing Mode

One of the looming issues during recruitment is managing unconscious bias towards specific candidates. To remove unconscious bias from the sourcing process, use “Blind Sourcing Mode.” 

This feature will hide names and images from profiles, ensuring that qualifications are at the forefront of sourcing and hiring decision-making. 

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