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Sourcing for medical and pharmaceutical candidates isn’t the same as sourcing for roles in tech or finance. An effective healthcare recruitment strategy takes into account industry-specific challenges, like a shortage of certain medical professionals, an aging workforce, and employee burnout amidst pandemic demands.

However, one of the biggest challenges in healthcare recruitment is finding more sourcing channels and maximizing the available talent market

Candidates in healthcare and medical organizations are less likely update their LinkedIn profiles frequently making them difficult to find through online searches. Considering how small the talent pool is for niche and specialized medical fields, healthcare recruiters must be resourceful and targeted in their healthcare recruitment strategy to avoid wasting time on a search that yields no results. 

Here are four best practices that every recruiter and sourcer can leverage when sourcing on Hiretual for healthcare professionals. 

Take advantage of healthcare-specific filters

If you are looking for people who have worked as healthcare providers, then Hiretual’s healthcare-specific filters are the perfect tools to suit your needs. These filters focus on professional medical platforms and websites like Healthgrades, Zocdoc, RateMDs, NPPES, and State Medical Boards when sourcing. 

Take advantage of the following filters to help you narrow down your search:

⭐️   Specialties: Search or select healthcare specialties e.g. Registered Nurse, Ocularist,  Dentistry, Nutrition, etc. 

⭐️   License States: Select the expected states that candidates have licenses

⭐️   Certifications: Add certifications, such as ACLS, CPR, or BLS, that you want your candidates to hold.

Building an AI Sourcing game plan for your healthcare roles saves time compared to a manual search with boolean strings. Mix and match different filters for diversity, company, keywords, skills, and more to easily target niche talent within the healthcare space and build an ideal persona to take back to your hiring managers. 

Hiretual’s AI Sourcing workflows also give you the flexibility to finetune and save searches so that it always gets easier to find your next best candidate. 

Use general filters for hard-to-find candidates

When using healthcare-specific filters, you may find your talent pool to be much smaller than expected. When this happens, it’s the perfect time to test out other filters instead to expand your search result and optimize your search queries accordingly. 

Take a Speech Language Pathologist as an example. Instead of adding it to the Specialties filter, try searching for the job title with Hiretual’s general AI Sourcing tab instead of the healthcare-specific filters.

By doing this, your talent pool will include candidate profiles with the desired job title but may not have been listed on an open web platform with the skill or specialty that you’re looking for. You can also try inputting different terms in the Mandatory Skills, Preferred Skills, and Keywords sections of Hiretual’s AI Sourcing to ensure that you’re not missing out on candidates that are not listed under specific keywords but who still have the experience required for an open position. 

Source candidates with Hiretual’s Scholar Sourcing

Since many professionals in the medical and pharmaceutical fields come from academia, recruiters can also use Hiretual’s scholar filters to spot candidates in related research areas. Our Scholar Sourcing makes it convenient for recruiters and sourcers to focus their efforts on specific areas of research topics without having to manually scroll through Google Scholar or ResearchGate.

Search for related academic topics to filter out the candidate’s area of specialization and add keywords to search for in their publication/patent titles, conferences, summaries, and descriptions. Don’t forget to pay attention to publication dates to ensure that the candidates in your search results are still active in their field.

Hiretual AI Sourcing Filter

💡 Pro Tip

By making it simple to conduct thorough research on what your candidates have published, you can improve the quality of your sourcing results and boost the effectiveness of your outreach. Reference what your candidates have worked on in your initial outreach messages to increase the likeliness of them opening and responding to your email

Search candidates from the open web with Google Search Enhancement

*The Google Search Enhancement is only available in the United States

Last but not least, you can use the Google Search Enhancement feature from Hiretual Chrome Extension when looking for candidates from open webs. Download our free Chrome extension.

The Google Search Enhancement will enrich your Google search results and show you a condensed Hiretual profile of any candidate when you key in their name in the Google search bar.

For a simpler workflow, sync the candidate to Hiretual or your ATS directly from the pop-up extension window to add them to your existing sourcing project. The Google Enhancement function is useful when you come across candidates on the open web outside of the Hiretual platform. The extension makes it simple to uncover available email addresses, phone numbers, social media links or add them to your current projects.

Check out this blog for more tips on sourcing for healthcare professionals.

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As more vaccines roll out, the demand for healthcare professionals will continue to rise for continued care and prevention even after the pandemic comes to an end (fingers crossed!). Hiretual is committed to helping healthcare recruiters make the most of a limited market and build innovative new approaches to identify and reach talent in a digital age.

If you’re already a Hiretual customer, test out these tips on your next healthcare sourcing project!

Interested in learning more about our healthcare sourcing suite of features? Connect with our sales team today and find out how we can help satisfy all your sourcing needs.

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