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When a company wins a product award, the product and its creators usually get the most recognition. 

But we believe the real recognition goes to all users who love a product enough to let it help them solve problems and transform the way they work. Why? Because our users shape Hiretual and they give our technology a place to contribute and support them in all the great work they do. 

G2, the leading software review platform, understands the importance of those people very well, considering they rely on real users to curate their product ratings and reviews. 

For Summer 2021, we’re honored to receive 20 awards from G2. We want to say thank you to all our users and to everyone in the talent community for helping us become better innovators for the recruitment process. 

Whether you’re a customer, a friend or someone who’s reached out to our team, we appreciate all your feedback and we’re committed to learning more from it. 

Our team has been giddy reading user reviews (really, we 💙 you all) so we wanted to share the achievements and customer stories we’ve been most excited about! 

G2 Summer 2021 Leader: Talent Intelligence, Diversity Recruiting

Talent Intelligence 

Hiretual Review from G2

More than ever before, recruiters have elevated their capabilities with help from Hiretual’s AI-powered recruitment technology. 

They have curated unique hiring strategies and exceeded their organizational goals by leveraging our talent-intelligent ecosystem for market research, sourcing, engagement, and ATS talent rediscovery (with more features on the way!).

We’re thrilled with our users’ success, and we look forward to helping them hire more. 

Diversity Recruiting 

Hiretual review from G2 by Trey S

As more businesses look to strengthen the diversity of their workforce in 2021, users are relying on us to bringing forth visibility of underrepresented talent. 

Whether it’s our expanded pool of 115M+ underrepresented candidates, features for reducing unconscious bias during screening, or our diversity analytics dashboard for tracking diversity hiring progress, recruiters everywhere are working hard to change their workplace for the better. 

Recruiting Automation 

Hiretual review from G2 by Nate O

Automation has become an increasingly popular option among hiring teams. In fact, 70% of recruiters have at least one AI tool in their tech stack, according to Hiretual’s 2021 Recruiting for Recovery report

From ATS sourcing to candidate engagement, we’ve been impressed by the way users have created more intuitive, targeted, and personalized strategies to hire talent. 

G2 badge for Hiretual : High performer and Best support on Summer 2021

Recruitment Marketing 

Hiretual review from G2 by Divyajit J

Whether it’s brand awareness or engaging talent for an open role, Hiretual is proud to help connect businesses with their intended audience. 

We’ve helped teams combat low-quality candidate information with our industry-leading contact finder, low candidate responses with nurture sequence and delegation features, and excel at tracking and measuring outreach with our integrations, automated data collection, and accessible data dashboards.

By removing these engagement barriers, users have taken massive strides in taking the talent experience to new heights. 

Best Support

Hiretual review from G2 by Monique D

Onboarding questions. Workflow explanations. Product updates. Feedback for new features.

Whatever our users need, our Customer Success Team is always ready to listen and help. 

Without our customers, we couldn’t be the company we are today and we will continue to support them in any way we can.

Thank you for choosing us!

Over the past six years, we’ve been blessed to have the support of so many people around the world as we created our AI-powered Global Talent Platform As our CEO Steven Jiang likes to say, “great businesses start and thrive with the right people.” We look forward to empowering more businesses with the right people to achieve their goals.  To our recruitment community, we’re forever grateful. Not only for your dedicated support of Hiretual but for the work you do in changing the lives of employers and employees. Our hope is that we continue to make that work as seamless as possible.  To find out more about how Hiretual can help you achieve yours, our team would love to hear from you. 
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