Hi Hiretual fans,

 On February 22, we are announcing the latest enhancement to Hiretual PRO – AI Recommendations. Because we are committed to being every recruiter’s best friend, this update is available free of charge to all PRO users. Here is what you will notice.

For all of your AI searches, Hiretual’s AI engine will automatically source new candidates in the background, without any action from you, twice a week and email them directly to your inbox. You will receive emails with fresh, great-fit candidates on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

When you log in, you will notice a new panel on the righthand side of the Sourcing tab. For each project, next to your sourcing tasks, you will be able to quickly and easily move between your AI search tasks, the AI engine’s recommended candidates, and profiles you have imported from other sources.

Also, when viewing your candidate list, you can now easily switch between your sourcing tasks and the AI recommended candidates. 

Also, filter your candidate list easily to only those with contact information.

We hope you enjoy these updates! Log in now, check them out, and let us know what you think. In the meantime, our product and engineering teams are already working on the next innovation! Stay tuned and happy recruiting!

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