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Imagine you’re on vacation and planning a night out with your friends. 

You’ve been tasked with finding the best restaurants within 20 miles of your hotel and selecting one. Sounds relatively simple?

But imagine you’re not allowed to:

📍 Use any search engines to check how many restaurants are nearby.

🍴 Look up reviews for any restaurants on the Internet.

🚗  Use any navigation features to help you reach your restaurant of choice.

If the goal was to feel confused, frustrated, and waste time with less than ideal results, you’d accomplish it very quickly. In essence, this is what it’s like trying to find and engage top talent without a data-driven recruitment strategy to gain insight into your audience. 

Here are four ways you can leverage data-driven recruitment tools to empower your recruiting efforts. 

Conduct better intake meetings

Whether you’re trying to work out the search parameters for a new job description or do general candidate research, a data-driven recruitment process will guide your team in leveraging strategic insights to maximize the effectiveness of your strategy. Analyzing market data for recurring trends and patterns is a great place to better predict and plan what your search results will bring. 

A great place to present your market research is during intake meetings with your hiring manager. By identifying recurring trends, you can show your hiring manager tangible proof of potential roadblocks you might face in your search and suggest refining or expanding sourcing criteria to catch a larger share of the talent pool. 

As you’re sitting with your hiring manager, you can begin to discuss and align expectations for the candidate persona of your req. As you set these expectations, data-driven recruitment tools will be helpful to show you a real-time breakdown of candidates you would see if different parameters of the search are tweaked. These parameters can include anything from skills to diversity to security clearance to education, and so much more. 


Easily export the results of Hiretual’s Market Insights findings and share them with your hiring manager while preparing for your intake meeting. Seamlessly customize the contents and structure of your report to highlight what matters most to your team. For more tips on conducting a producing intake meeting, download our meeting agenda template.

Gain the competitive edge

For most businesses, competition is a constant. A data-driven recruitment process can be used to identify who your competitors are attracting, where they’re attracting talent from and how you can tweak your strategy to stand out more to the candidates you may be losing to them.

With AI recruitment technology, you can access accurate and reliable data and analytics to look into the total talent distribution at competitors within your geographic footprint or at industry leaders with recruiting strengths you would like to emulate. 

These insights will be best digested through visual dashboards that show you where your target audience is currently working, where they have worked in the past, or even often these candidates have changed jobs within the last year. 

Hiretual Data Driven Recruitment Interface

In today’s market, standing out as a recruiter requires approaching candidates with a personalized approach that meets their current professional demands. With these insights and more on hand, you’ll be able to show candidates that you’ve done your research and you can begin building their trust in your organization.

Better understand the global talent market

Picture this 📸

You’ve been given two open reqs to fill with one specific request. Both of these reqs must be filled by candidates in three specific locations outside of your current geographic footprint. If you’ve never even conducted a candidate search in a neighboring city, let alone a different country, you’ll probably have a long list of questions about the talent market in those areas. 

How many candidates have the skills required for the position? Will there be enough underrepresented candidates to source from? What are the salary expectations for candidates in both a different state and country? 

Data-driven recruitment tools will help you answer these questions (and more) with a breakdown of candidate markets and talent pools around the world. Not only will this inform decisions when implementing a global recruitment plan, but it will increase visibility for top remote talent that could be key additions to your growing workforce in the near future.

Make informed talent sourcing decisions

If you’ve followed through with the three tips listed above, you’ll be equipped with all the information you need to best address your audience and provide them with opportunities that bring them the most value. Ultimately, data-driven recruitment will help you conduct more focused and goal-oriented talent sourcing so you’re not spending time on an unqualified prospect for your open req

Build a recruitment technology workflow that makes it convenient for you to put your insights into action. With Hiretual, recruiters can do this by building an AI Sourcing task with the same filters applied to your Market Insights report. 

Our candidate pool breakdown located under the “Persona/Insights” section of your AI Sourcing task will also help you as you further adjust search criteria depending on the density of particular keywords or skills in your available talent pool. As always, those changes will appear in real-time.


If you have your desired search parameters in Hiretual’s Market Insights, you can easily input those same criteria into our AI Sourcing tool with the click of a button. You can always save searches and view your past searches for easy reference during future projects.

Ready to research like a pro? 

Whether you’re trying to find that top restaurant for your night out or your next best hire, data from the open web is a crucial component for successful searches.

We hope Market Insights helps take your recruitment research to the next level and encourage your team to tackle new hiring goals together! If you have any questions, please reach out to our Customer Success team.

If you’re not a customer and would like to learn more about these features, check out our pricing plan or contact our sales team today.

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