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By now, your team may have already started its post-pandemic hiring efforts. You may have even solidified ATS talent management as the centerpiece of your recruitment plan. 

As it turns out, you’re not alone.

During the first half of 2021, hiring teams hailed the ATS as their most helpful recruitment tool. So, how can you stand out during ATS talent rediscovery when other teams are doing the same? 

By overcoming common challenges related to ATS talent rediscovery, including lack of updated information, disorganized data, limited search capabilities, and non-existent external talent pools, you’ll have the bandwidth and ability to craft relevant strategies for post-pandemic hiring success.

Here’s how to take talent rediscovery to the next level: 

🎯 Make sourcing and outreach relevant

🍃 Work with fresh sources and new data

🔍 Track what goes on in your ATS

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Make sourcing and outreach relevant

All of us have endured unique challenges and experiences during the pandemic, especially active job-seeking applicants in your ATS.

Some are recent graduates with limited experience and an eagerness to learn. Some are upskilled applicants and former employees looking for a fresh opportunity during the Great Resignation. Others are from your pandemic-paused projects and still unemployed.

Each of these groups represents a subset of talent in your ATS that could be perfect for your open opportunities. 

Hiretual’s Talent Data Cloud helps to automatically refresh and standardize the profiles in your database with open web data. With an up-to-date look at your internal talent pool, you’ll be able to push them into separate projects in Hiretual based on their group, like the ones listed above. 

Hiretual sourcing with Talent data cloud

In Hiretual, you’ll be able to search across ATS profiles to ensure qualification and start crafting outreach relevant to each talent subset. 

Let’s consider a scenario where of 100 applicants you’ve reengaged with, 15 responded that they’re not interested in the position at this time. With more job seekers anticipated to enter the market this year, they may know someone in the same field who’s looking for a job. 

You can email those candidates back thanking them for responding and asking if they have any referrals. If they make referrals, you’ll have used talent rediscovery to capitalize on their network and possibly make your next hire. 

Work with new sources and fresh data

When it comes to collecting data, the quantity of it is less important than its quality and ability to help you achieve your goals. 

The best way to achieve data quality is to make sure that the source of your data is constantly fresh. Hiretual prioritizes fresh data by leveraging real-time open web data from 45+ platforms. With it, users have been able to rediscover talent with the most up-to-date profiles.

If you were looking for a designer in your ATS talent pool, you would want visibility on their latest designs for qualification, likely found in an online portfolio. With Hiretual’s open web data access, those designer profiles would be enriched with fresh data, including social links, online portfolios, and more. 

If your ATS doesn’t have a qualified talent for open roles, leveraging new sources of external data would help fill any roles that your ATS talent pool cannot. With information access across 45+ platforms, Hiretual’s Talent Data Cloud allows users to push open web and ATS profiles in the same project. 

Hiretual works with a leading digital consulting company that uses our Talent Data Cloud to unify internal and external talent pools for filling niche roles. One product manager explains that “having all that data in one place is really beneficial. With Hiretual’s filters available within the search engine, you can find more qualified candidates based on a targeted dataset within a larger set of data.” 

Track of what goes on in your ATS

One of the biggest anticipated challenges for recruiters heading into 2021 was a lack of visibility on team performance. As you execute your ATS talent rediscovery plan, visibility on goal progress and team performance is a must. 

Hiretual users achieve this visibility with the admin dashboard in Talent Data Cloud. They’re able to view the breakdown of talent in their ATS and metrics on team performance to see what’s working and where improvements should be made for existing processes.  

Hiretual Dashboard-Talent Data

Using this dashboard, you may notice that of 45 ATS profiles reviewed in a few hours, 30 meet the qualifications for two hard-to-fill positions. Over one week, two job postings for those same positions only garnered 10 qualified candidates. If data shows that talent rediscovery gives the best ROI for candidate quality, you’ll know that’s the right channel to invest in.

Taking the next steps for talent rediscovery

According to Hiretual’s Recruiting for Recovery report, talent professionals have picked the ATS as the second biggest sourcing channel for the rest of 2021. 

With the right people and supporting technology in place, the value of ATS talent rediscovery will only increase. If you’re looking for the right supporting technology, we’d love to answer any questions you have about how Hiretual can help. 

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