Hiretual Is Every Recruiter’s Best Friend

Working together at Samsung, our co-founders Steven and Xinwen realized how difficult it was to hire top talent for their team. Daily interaction with recruiters helped them learn their pain points and the regular inefficiencies of the recruiting process.

Seeing a sizeable gap, Steven and Xinwen set about solving this problem. While building the technology that powers Hiretual, they opened a small recruiting agency. For six months, they sourced and recruited candidates, worked with hiring managers, and managed tight deadlines.

Establishing a close relationship with recruiters and sourcers became the lifeblood of Hiretual’s products. That community connection and customer obsession sets Hiretual apart and continues to push development forward to this day.


We’ve Come A Long Way - And Have A Longer Way To Go

We're International!

“Moving into the new office and getting my promotion was my favorite memory!”

– Ashley

“Walter, Tina and I made the BBQ fire! That moment was amazing! Team-work makes things easier than ever.”

– Jessie

“Walking around the parking lot with Steven after I went through a break up and we talked about life. My second favorite group of memories is finding out Riad was a fan of Formula 1 and we’ve spent many hours talking about F1 in the parking lot”

– Edwin

“I moved tommys desk and computer to the back closet and set it up for him, and wrapped everything on Alex’s desk in foil while he was on vacation”

– Austen

“Halloween 2019 with everyone dressing up and laughing at each other’s costumes. Everybody was super creative with dressing up as each other and having that little Hiretual inside joke theme going on!”

– Winona

“Engineering team were in Tahoe and some of us were playing Overcooked. It was ridiculously fun and a lot of teamwork at the same time with a lot of screaming and yelling.”

– Bowen

Our Values

Commit &

We honor our word and deliver exceptional products, experiences, and service.


We ask "how is this making the lives of our customers better?" on every task, every day.


We refuse to be satisfied. We strive to constantly improve.


Steven Jiang
Co-Founder & CEO

Xinwen Zhang
Co-Founder and CTO

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Copyright © Hiretual 2020. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Hiretual 2020. All Rights Reserved