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At Hiretual, our mission is to empower recruiters and Talent Acquisition professionals to be the best at what they do. We help talent teams go beyond typical talent pools so they can reach quality candidates and build workplaces equipped to reach organizational goals.

We also recognize that every organization's hiring process is unique, and we work with our customers every step of the way to help them build the recruitment experience their business needs.
We’ve Come A Long Way
And Have A Longer Way To Go
R&D of Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing engine
Launched Engagement and Market Intelligence
World’s first AI sourcing solution for health & tech recruiting
Founded by Steven Jiang and Xinwen Zhang
Launched the world’s first AI sourcing technology and the world’s largest talent knowledge graph Crossed 100k users
Launched the world’s first intelligent Talent Pipeline
Hiretual launches 1st Talent Data System with 30 +ATS integrations

Our Core Values

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Committed to
Delivering The Best

We honor our word and deliver exceptional products, experiences, and services. We are a team of highly committed individuals who are hungry to learn new things about recruitment through conversations with the community. We work hard to hear our customers share their joy, progress, and stories of success with us - this is what drives Hiretual each and every day.
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Customers First

Hiretual is every recruiter’s best friend, and that’s why our platform is constantly evolving and improving to provide the most relevant solutions for all recruiting teams. We see what our customers struggle with and build technology that helps them overcome every hurdle in the process. Our goal? It’s simple. It’s making sure that recruiters and talent acquisition teams reach theirs.
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Empowering Recruiters To Be Strategic Business partners

If there’s one process every organization needs to ensure growth, stability and productivity, it’s the recruitment process. We believe that every recruiter must be actively involved in organizational growth by building the right strategies and driving impactful conversations with stakeholders. Hiretual supports recruiters by letting them focus on people and not manual systemic errors or tedious administrative tasks.
More than 5,000 leading recruiting teams hire faster with Hiretual
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Hiretual Locations
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Mountain View,
California and Remote
Primarily located and headquartered in Mountain View, Ca. Hiretual has grown and expanded to cover the whole United States as well as other parts of the world.
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Join our Team! We’re on a mission to transform talent acquisition.

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