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More than 5,000 leading recruiting teams hire faster with Hiretual
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Hiretual helps recruiters focus on their most important tasks

Our AI Sourcing helps the world’s best hiring teams do more in half the time.

How Does Hiretual Work?

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Experience the #1 Sourcing Solution
Experience the #1 Sourcing Solution
Robust candidate engagement campaigns
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Succeed with Diversity Sourcing & Analytics
We are professional on Diversity
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Hiretual is the top AI sourcing vendor in the world

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Words Our Top Recruiters Say

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“Before using Hiretual, it was slower finding these people and there were a lot of roadblocks. I just don’t have the time for that. ”
Photo of George Cobb
– George Cobb, Talent Sourcer at Arkansas Children’s Hospital
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“Hiretual has been able to maximize our time as well as my hiring manager’s. You aggregate data from so many different avenues on the web as opposed to a tool like LinkedIn, which I haven’t been as successful with,”
Photo of Claire Berkley
– Claire Berkley, Senior Technical Recruiter at Poshmark
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“My time is better spent on Hiretual than if I use LinkedIn. In fact, I don’t have a LinkedIn account anymore.”
Photo of Kray Blanding
– Kray Blanding, Technical Sourcing Recruiter at Apptio
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“Hiretual’s artificial intelligence piece is the most appealing because we can put in our search parameters and then walk away and continue to do other things while the AI was aggregating social media profiles for us,”
Photo of Matthew Keller
– Matthew Keller, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at Chenega Corporation
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“It would have taken me hours on LinkedIn to source 20 truly qualified candidates. Now it takes me 4 minutes on Hiretual to source the first 50 most-qualified candidates. With Hiretual, I find more qualified candidates in a shorter amount of time…”
Photo of Benjamin D. Rifleman
– Benjamin D. Rifleman, Manager of Employer Brand and Talent Acquisition Experience at Tango Card
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See how much Hiretual can increase your ROI.

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Ready to hire the best talent?
Does this video help you understand how hiretual works?
Want to take 2 mins know what the right Hiretual plan is for you?
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We believe that the perfect plan for you is our Hiretual Enterprise!
For recruiting teams that need advance AI capabilities and a centralized talent data platform.
You can either contact our sales team directly to learn more about this plan or start a free 7-day trial here.
$149 USD
per month, when billed yearly
$199 USD, per month, when billed monthly
Top features:
  • Email sequence with templates and automation
  • Talent Market Insights
  • Advancing Sourcing (Diversity & Inclusion, Security Clearance, Healthcare, IT/Tech)
  • ATS Integration (push candidates directly into your ATS)
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