Here’s the truth: People flock to the most popular things.

We get the most popular item on the menu because everyone else is ordering it, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if a restaurant favorite tasted like a fraction of the price you paid. We rarely like being left out of the norm.

LinkedIn has been the norm for recruiters for over a decade. With over 660 million users as of 2020, it’s understandable why a majority of recruiters would want to scout for talent in such a large candidate database.

 However, LinkedIn is not the only option, or the most efficient platform for every recruiter out there.

Why Hiretual Pro? Here’s What We Can Do For You:


Expanded Holistic Sourcing

Again, LinkedIn isn’t the only place to find working professionals. Instead, your candidates might be most active on platforms that are directly related to their company, job title or industry.

Hiretual’s AI-powered engine consolidates candidate profiles from across 40+ platforms on the open web targeting all kinds of workforces, including LinkedIn, GitHub, AngelList, Upwork, Healthgrades and more.

Screen Best-Fit Candidates Faster 

Our Machine Learning algorithm identifies the most relevant candidates based on your search inquiry, and it works even better with your help.

Calibrate your search results by letting us know if our sample candidates were a good fit or not a fit. Then, we work our magic and screen thousands of candidates in a matter of minutes to find and rank the best 50 (or more). On average we help recruiters reduce time spent reviewing applicants by 90%.

Engage Effectively 

InMails reach those active on LinkedIn, but emails reach anyone as long as you have an address to send it to. Hiretual’s 84% contact-finding rate gives you work emails, personal emails, phone numbers and social media links when you source.

 Easily set up outreach campaigns with seamless email integrations to boost your email engagement and increase response rates. You can also create and share email sequence templates, as well as send emails on behalf of a teammate to get higher engagement.

Integrate With Your ATS/CRM To Refresh and Rediscover Past Applicants 

 Hiretual integrates with over 30 ATS/CRM providers, and we most likely integrate with yours too. Click here to check if we do. Integrating your existing tech stack with Hiretual not only helps you deliver candidates right into your internal database, but it also allows us to refresh profiles of your past applicants with updated information pulled form the open web. 

Detailed Market Insights 

Data-driven decisions are crucial for recruiters to navigate a tight labor market with an influx of niche roles in demand.

Make better hiring decisions by easily getting detailed information on how big your potential talent pool is, where those candidates work, where they worked before, their number of years of experience, their skill sets, and other criteria. 

Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities 

Hiretual’s reports page gives you a live feed of your recruitment performance on Hiretual, giving hiring teams transparency and the ability to better identify problems in existing workflows. In one single view, you’ll be able to see your teammates metrics for their projects, pipeline, talent pool, and engagements. 

Who Does Hiretual Pro Benefit?

It doesn’t matter what segment of the market you’re in. Hiretual works with staffing agencies, small to mid-market high growth companies, and large enterprise organizations to help talent leaders find and engage with the candidates they need. 

Staffing Agencies
We help many staffing agencies work quickly and efficiently to fill the open reqs of their multiple clients. Hiretual’s helps agency recruiters quickly source for candidates, obtain multiple channels of candidate outreach and automate nurture sequences to boost candidate engagement all in on one platform. 

Rapidly Growing Businesses
By giving recruiters access to the world’s largest talent pool, Hiretual can tailor to high ramp-ups in hiring volume. Recruiters at high growth companies don’t have to worry about spending elongated periods of time filling their talent pipeline. Hiretual’s ability to find, engage, deliver and rediscover top candidates in a matter of minutes and not hours gives recruiters the chance to build meaningful connections with candidates for current and future roles. 

Recruiters for Niche Roles and Targeted Searches
Hiretual’s advanced filters help you identify talent closest to your ideal candidate persona. After working with customers from industries with high demands for specialized talents, we’ve identified the need for stronger solutions in healthcare and technical recruiting. 

Hiretual’s Healthcare AI Sourcing Solution helps you find healthcare professionals beyond LinkedIn, expanding your search to analyze profiles from healthcare-specific platforms like ZocDoc, RateMDs, Healthgrades, US Board of Nursing and more. With AI filters covering 700+ medical specialties, license states, and certifications, you’ll be able to find fresh talent for the most challenging job reqs. 

Our IT/Tech AI Sourcing Solution helps technical recruiters from large and small alleviate the challenge of fishing from the same talent cup. Hiretual uncovers hidden tech talent on platforms like GitHub, Stack Overflow, Kaggle and more, allowing you to source on these complicated technical platforms in a fraction of the time. Filters for 50+ technical expertise and 290+ programming languages give all recruiters accurate insight on candidate’s technical projects without the hassle. 

That’s not all. Our Security Clearance filters allow you to find candidates with specific clearance certifications for specialized roles in fields like aerospace, defense, and government. Our Diversity filters and Blind Sourcing Mode give you the opportunity to highlight women, African-Americans, Hispanics and veterans in your search for your diversity initiatives. 

Even the largest companies need help to fill open roles, especially when it comes to picking the best talent in the midst of high-volume recruiting. Hiretual helps top enterprises like Amazon, Wayfair, and Continental, scale their recruiting team and support global growth with fast and easy integration to existing email providers and ATS/CRM providers without the hassle of disrupting current workflows. Hiretual’s Collaborator seats also boost the consolidation of recruitment efforts, allowing hiring managers to oversee sourcing projects and improve communication with recruiters and sourcers. With Hiretual, you’re in safe hands as we’re CCPA, GDPR, SOC 2 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. 

How Easy Is it To Use Hiretual?

If you know how to use LinkedIn Recruiter, then you’ll have no trouble navigating Hiretual. In fact, we make it easier by getting rid of your repetitive manual recruitment tasks. 

A recruiter would simply follow the workflow below:

  • Begin a sourcing project by adding the criteria for the candidate you are looking for (ie. Job Title, Mandatory Skills/Keywords, Location)
  • Calibrate the system by marking the sample of candidates that match your selected criteria as either a good fit or not a fit for the project 
  • Let the AI run and bring back a report of top candidates
  • Pick the candidates you would want to reach out to and engage with them via a personalized single email or an email sequence that you already set up 
  • Once the candidate has shown interest you would follow your typical recruiting workflow

More importantly, Hiretual’s Customer Success team regularly updates our Help Center with tutorial videos and articles to help address common questions asked by recruiters using the tool. If you’re finding it difficult to get an answer to your question, don’t hesitate to message our Customer Success team and they’ll be more than happy to help you directly.

Hiretual Chrome Extension

Our Hiretual Chrome extension is a powerful tool that recruiters can use when they visit candidate profiles on LinkedIn, GitHub, Kaggle, Stack Overflow, and Google Scholar. With the Hiretual Chrome Extension, you can: 

  • Retrieve candidate information from a profile like contact details, availability, average market value and more in a matter of seconds. 
  • Construct advanced Boolean strings 
  • Deliver candidates directly into projects in Hiretual Pro 
  • Parse resumes to create candidate profiles that can be pushed into Hiretual Pro 

A Manual Recruitment Workflow vs A Hiretual Recruitment Workflow

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