We know you’re busy managing your business, and the last thing you have time for is to manually track and measure the performance of your projects and teams. With a constant inflow of new projects and outflow of candidate outreach, talent acquisition teams yearn for a detailed yet easy-to-digest overview of all active tasks.

Hiretual’s new, comprehensive Reports page gives you a live feed of your recruitment performance: Projects, Team, Pipeline, Talent Pool, and Engagement.

An eagle-eye view of your hiring workflow provides you with insight on: 

  • The number of sourced and qualified candidates
  • Proportions between contacted and hired candidates
  • A Skeletal look of the sourcing channels from which your candidates are from
  • The open and reply rates of your engagement
  • And so much more!

To top it off, all data within the Reports page can be easily exported and printed out.

At Hiretual, we want our talent strategy platform to offer transparent recruitment insights to help you streamline your workflow and better your business performance.