Millennials are going to be the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. In fact, according to a recent study, 28 percent of Millennial workers are already at the management level.

Newer generation and technology affects the way every industry operates – and recruiting is no different. A right thought process is necessary when it comes to recruiting a good candidate.

Nowadays, it is essential to move quickly, and after waking up tomorrow, the next day the race is only gaining momentum – but not vice versa. In addition, we need to assimilate a tremendous volume of constantly changing intelligence, which in other words is indeed a statistical indicator of what is happening in the world of modern talent sourcing. Join Sourcing Alchemist, Denys, to get to know about some not-so-well-known recruitment tools & some insights on how to combine the art & process, while doing it both! Sourcing is art of a process & sourcing is a process of art.

This Hiretual webinar is made possible thanks to the partnership with the Boston Area Talent Sourcing Association and our recruiting community.

Ask your burning questions during the webinar or at the end in our live Q&A.