Hiretual’s Chrome extension plays nicely with different platforms that users might be using. With the extension, Hiretual will give overall information of potential candidates to the users efficiently and accurately.

The first example is how we use the extension in LinkedIn. When you find a candidate, the only thing you need to do is to go into his/her profile and click the chrome extension on the top-right. You can check the whole procedure using LinkedIn as platform here.

The second example is how we use the extension in Facebook. It is almost the same as how we use extension in LinkedIn. Users just need to go into the specific candidate’s profile and click on the extension. Hiretual will give this candidate’s information as follow.  

The third example is how we use extension in Github. Users are able to go into the potential candidates’ profile and click on the extension to see their information. (Please make sure you are in candidates’ personal profile, not repository profile.) More on Github Search Here.

However, in some platforms, the potential candidates do not upload enough information for Hiretual to analyze. In this situation, users might use cross reference as a research tool. In this example, we only know this candidate’s name and company. Therefore, we can use cross reference search tool. 

More on cross reference here.