On February 8, we are making some major enhancements to the Customer Admin Console to empower our Admin users like never before! 

General Configuration:

Admin users are now able to turn on and off many features for their accounts, as well as providing standardized templates for the sourcing / recruiting / hiring process for use across the organization.

Admin controls are now available to;

  • Define one or more standardized hiring process(es) for the organization
  • Turn on/off diversity search
  • Turn on/off security clearance search
  • Turn on/off the ability for users to integrate their email account and engage candidates through Hiretual
  • Enable/disable an unsubscribe link in all engagement emails that are sent by the organization’s users through Hiretual
  • Define a standard number of days before a candidate can be re-engaged by the organization
  • Define one or more standard data export format(s)
  • Turn on/off global activity sharing across the organization
  • Turn on/off global tag and note sharing across the organization

User Groups:

Admin users can now create groups and assign users to one or more groups. This will help make collaboration and organization much more straightforward.

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Admin users can also now assign user permissions and feature access by group. For example, it is now possible to configure standardized hiring processes by team within the organization, or turn on the security clearance filters for only certain users.


Group configuration settings take precedence and override general configuration settings for all members of the group.

We are excited to provide our Admin users with these new capabilities to configure their Hiretual experience! Please let us know what you think. 

As always, we are already working on the next big thing!