We recently released two updates to Hiretual’s Engage feature set. Hiretual Pro users can now add a rich email signature to all mail sent by Hiretual and send individual emails directly from Hiretual’s chrome extension. More details on each below:

Adding Your Email Signature 

Pro users can now create an email signature for all outgoing mail, just like your regular gmail. To make a signature, go to Settings –> Email and enter your information. Hiretual’ email system now supports uploading images and GIFs – so feel free to include a logo or award in your signature. (Adding images and GIFs to the body of emails can also help improve response rates).

Email Through The Chrome Extension

If you’ve found a candidate and you want to contact them immediately, Pro users who have integrated their email can send individual emails directly from the Hiretual Extension. If you want to use a sequence, you’ll still need to start from the Hiretual application.

To send an email, just reveal the candidate’s contact data, then click on the mail icon to start.