Hiretual V3 Is Here!

The Hiretual team spent this year scaling up our engineering team and making a TON of updates, the biggest of course being a complete platform upgrade to Hiretual V3. Why all the effort? Because you, our wonderful recruiting friends, are worth it.

Reinventing sourcing is an audacious task, but there is method to the madness (I promise).  Let’s go through the “what, why, and how” of Hiretual Version 3.

Recruiters Need All the Help They Can Get

Being a recruiter is hard, and it’s only become more tough. We founded Hiretual a few years ago to make recruiter’s lives easier – we take the whole “best friend” thing pretty seriously. Our free extension to help build boolean strings, aggregate profiles, and snag contact data quickly got us some attention in the industry and helped thousands save a few hours a week.

However, low unemployment in the last few years dramatically increased the need to recruit passive candidates. Compounded with inefficiencies that have been in the recruiting funnel forever, sourcing and recruiting workloads have exploded. Our little chrome extension that could just wasn’t enough anymore.

We had to think bigger – how can we help recruiters with this new gargantuan workload?

The Solution? Make Sourcing Smarter

We took a step back to look at the big picture and how we could make a larger impact. Sourcing is the top of the funnel, and it’s where a lot of the work lives, especially when it comes to passive candidates.

As we spoke to recruiters and investigated the process, we realized a few big problems that we could fix. Sourcing needs a few fundamental upgrades:

  • The candidate pipeline needs to be smarter and respond to recruiter feedback
  • Candidate engagement needs to be instant and efficient
  • The whole sourcing process needs to be more visible so recruiting managers can understand the pipeline and provide their team with the necessary resources.

 So we set out to solve each of these problems – to create Hiretual Version 3.

A Smart Talent Pipeline

Just finding candidates that are a good fit is a time-intensive process. While boolean blackbelts can craft highly targeted searches, recruiters still spend a ton of time investigating and ultimately disqualifying dozens of candidates on every search. Typical talent search platforms just aren’t cutting it.

So we built the first AI sourcing platform. One that doesn’t find just candidates that match, but identifies those who match best and makes sure those are the first ones you see. One that learns more about what you’re looking for as you qualify and disqualify candidates, then adjusts accordingly. One understands that “marketing manager” and “growth superstar” might refer to the same person (I prefer to go by growth unicorn).

Hiretual V3 is the first Smart Talent Pipeline, built to get you to the right candidates faster so you can spend your time where it’s most valuable – getting people hired.

Make The Next Step Instant

Once you find a set of strong candidates, we want to make the next step obvious and instant. That’s why we built hiring stages to help you keep track of what’s next for each candidate. Every time you click “good fit” on a candidate in the new stage, they automatically move to “uncontacted.” They also move to “contacted” after sending an email through Hiretual and “replied” when they respond.

We integrated with Gmail and Outlook to help recruiters quickly go from identifying a candidate to contacting them, all without leaving our platform. To make these communications even more efficient, we added email templates, scheduling, and follow-up tracks.

For organizations that want a hiring manager to weigh-in early, we’ve made it easy to collaborate by opening up free (non-sourcing) accounts for anyone in your organization. Candidate notes and tags let your team members quickly voice their observations and questions, helping define if a candidate should move forward. (If you have a really picky hiring manager, they can even determine which candidates are a good fit on their own).

Understand What’s Really Going On

Beyond the day-to-day logistics of turning a passive candidate into an active applicant, we felt like recruiting teams could use more visibility into their overall performance. So we built report pages to help recruiting managers understand their sourcing pipeline, email response rates, and aggregate candidate motion on individual projects.

With better visibility, TA managers can help bring the right resources to their team and the right time to keep hiring on schedule.

But at Hiretual, We’re Never Done

We are incredibly excited about all these updates and how it will improve the sourcing process, but we’re not done yet. As you may have noticed, we update at a pretty rapid pace, and we’re going to keep working hard every day to make Hiretual better than it was before.

We built this company from the support and feedback of recruiters from all over the world, and we will continue to do so. Keep sending us your suggestions and we’ll keep dreaming up ways to make recruiting better.