Diverse Perspectives Are Important

Having a diverse workforce adds spice to company culture, improves decision-making, and delivers stronger results – so it’s no surprise that helping TA teams build a more diverse workforce is one of our most requested features. 

Which is why we’ve added a new diversity filter to Hiretual Pro’s AI Search. Now you can narrow your sourcing results to help widen the perspective of your organization. Specifically, Pro users can now filter sourced candidates to focus on women, veterans, African Americans, or Hispanics.

To access the filter, you’ll need to open “Advanced Filters” while constructing your AI search and then scroll to the bottom. Once there, add the groups that you’d like to focus on for building your talent pipeline. Also note that each group is considered an  “OR” statement, so each additional group will expand the talent pool rather than shrink it.

Happy Sourcing!