We’re excited to announce the launch of Hiretual Version 3! Here’s a quick look at what’s inside our hiring AI 3.0:

We’re rolling out over the course of this week. You’ll notice a new banner appear when you first log in that will ask if you’d like to test out the new version.

Premium and Pro users will have some time to ease into V3 over the next few months before we discontinue V2 – though we suggest upgrading immediately. We’re sure you’ll be excited about all the new features now included in your subscription.

What’s New?

We’ve added a bunch of features to make the recruiting process just a bit easier. Most of these are only available on our web application, so be sure to login to check them out.

 ***Note: The Hiretual Extension will ask for an additional permission to “Communicate with cooperating websites.”  This is to better integrate the extension with our web app on Hiretual.com. You’ll need to enable this permission to update to V3 of the Hiretual Extension. ***

Hiretual Lite and Hiretual Premium

More Contact Info and Profile Analysis Requests

Our first update for free users actually came in February when we increased the number of free contact info requests by 800%! Now you can get contact info for up to 10 people each week and analyze 30 profiles.

Hiring Projects

Hiring projects lets you organize candidates into different stages of the sourcing process – New, Uncontacted, Contacted, and Replied. If you integrate your email (below), Hiretual will automatically move candidates into the “Contacted” stage when you email them and the “Replied” stage when they respond.

Hiretual Lite users can have up to 3 concurrent projects at once time, while Hiretual Premium users can have an unlimited number of concurrent projects.

Email Integration and Templates

You can now integrate your Gmail or Outlook account with our web application. This will let you quickly send emails directly from the Hiretual and create templates to help speed up the process of reaching out to multiple candidates. The templates will also allow for simple tokens such as to help you engage that much more quickly.

You will also be able to see if a candidate opened or clicked a link in your email on their Hiretual profile.

Data Export (Premium Only)

In addition to data import, Hiretual Premium users will also be able to export candidate information from Hiretual. Just note that exported candidates will include contact information and will consume contact information requests (if you have not already revealed their info).

Hiretual Pro

Hiretual Pro users will see the same update to Hiring Projects but also benefit from a few other BIG changes:

Enhanced Feedback for AI Sourcing

We’re making your needs more loud and clear to our AI Search. Hiretual V3 will do a preliminary search and return 5 results for you to rate as a “good fit” or “not a fit.”

After you’ve weighed in, it will retrieve candidates that fit your search criteria and resemble “good fit” candidates.

Nurture Tracks and Follow-Ups

Create email nurture tracks to contact multiple candidates at one time! Save hours on outreach by combining email templates and campaigns.

When emailing individual candidates, you can automate your follow-up to keep on top of candidates that don’t respond.

***Note: We are sending the emails through our integrations with your Gmail or Outlook account. This assures extremely high deliverability, However, it also means you are restricted to the daily email limit of those services, so don’t go too crazy.

Custom Hiring Stages

Every company has it’s own process of hiring and it’s important that our Hiring Projects reflect that. Customize the number and title of project stages to fit your company, business unit, or personal process.

Shared Projects and Collaboration

Recruitment is a team game!  Share projects among your team members and invite hiring managers to collaborate without buying additional licenses. Invited hiring managers will be able to comment and move candidates that already exist in a pipeline, but won’t be able to source additional candidates.

General UI Update

We’ve made some changes to where features live, so take a look at our new tutorials to help navigate Hiretual. 

Go Forth and Hire Fast!

We’re really excited for this update and we could not have done it without you! It was only through your support that this is all possible. Without the tens of thousands of recruiters who buy and use Hiretual, give us feedback, and share our work, we wouldn’t be where we are.

Thank You!