***Some people are reporting that chrome is slow to auto-update their extension. To get access faster, uninstall then reinstall the Hiretual Extension.

You may have noticed that our extension looks a little different.

And there’s a suspicious absence of a certain big blue button…

Surprise! This part of Hiretual V3 came early. In preparation for the coming roll-out, we’re releasing the update to the chrome extension first.

What’s new about it?

The big blue button is gone, and you’ll need to click our extension icon to use Hiretual.

I know, it’s a big change. Some people will mourn the loss of “old blue,” but others will praise not having to hide it in their least favorite screen corner.

Either way, you’ll have to go find us among your 46 other chrome extensions (that’s right I know about those extensions). We are making  things a little easier though, we now have an official hotkey!

Just hit Ctrl + Shift + H for Hiretual (Command + Shift + H on Mac)

The cross reference tool is now part of the extension

The cross reference tool lets you pull up the Hiretual profile of a person based on their name and one other accompanying detail (company, city, etc.). We want to make this tool more accessible, so now it’s front and center when you’re not already browsing someone’s specific social profile.

Projects and tags are easier to use

We’re also making it easier to add people to projects, since that’s going to be a big part of getting the most out of V3. Try out our new project search bar for a smoother experience.


In line with more project-based usage,  you can now associate notes and tags with a specific project. This will help teams using Hiretual prevent creating a collection of notes cluttering up a candidate’s profile.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for the full release of version 3 coming soon!